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Hong Kong fun with perserverance of success

Summer 2013 has been quite a ride. Going back to China to see my last group of students graduate and then arriving back to Bangkok for Muay Thai training is always a blast. How time flies when you are having fun.

But what I learned again being back in Asia is the fact that I am destined to do something exciting and meaningful in life. Now who doesn't want to achieve such goals for themselves correct? What I discovered for myself once again was how much I missed Asia, especially Hong Kong. It brings such great thrills when I walk through the streets in Kowloon and see hundreds of shops, eateries and the countless amount of people cramming to cross at an intersection. I love this feeling.

Thus I gather Hong Kong is one of the exciting avenues for my life where I can make an impact for myself as well as representing Chinese Americans. And for me to do so in Hong Kong's film industry is to first have faith in oneself and believe in one's ability.

No matter how tough the struggle and challenges I may face, there is no one who can help me except me. Reverting back to Bruce Lee's philosophy of no help but self help is absolutely relevant in this particular goal of mine.

I must provide footage of me honing my martial arts craft so the right people can see what I am capable of. This is long overdue. It is a yin/yang of balance. Having pictures alone does half the justice of one trying to "break" into the film industry. The other half is video showcasing a moving personality.

Being in Hong Kong inspires me to try hard and achieve this goal. Where it may go no one knows of course. It's just a matter of time, hard work and a little bit of luck from the right people.

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