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No way as way to make it into the HK movie biz

Finally...I have returned back to Alive Not Dead to post a blog entry. For those who come to my page and see the brief but insightful thoughts, I thank you.

Time slips away when one is having fun and before you know it, another year has gone by. Being back in Hong Kong, I I realize how much I have missed the fun, excitement, smell, taste, wonders and all the small details that make Hong Kong a truly unique place of its own.

As I travel back to Asia every year, I always have a few goals in mind: my martial arts training, eating healthy and always wanting to make connections in the entertainment world where I can showcase myself not as some hot movie star, but as Bruce Lee stated "to be called a super actor" is much more meaningful.

Now this goal of movie magic is in of itself a uphill battle. More and more young talent are rising it seems but I wonder how many new talent are truly expressing themselves instead of trying to become something they assume people want them to be.

This may be one reason why I never seem to receive any callbacks or emails as I don't flat out say "I want to be a movie star." The idea of being a star is of course fantastic. I love being in the spotlight. But the truth behind being a "star" is not just the moniker but for me to use the platform of media to showcase true Chinese American talent. And this purpose is also a way to show my students in China that everyday Chinese people are much more than just settling for a boring life.

Bruce Lee has inspired me to do something beyond what I thought were my own limitations on life. As millions of others have also been inspired, I strive to first become a better human being, and then perhaps soon, I will be able to inspire others on screen.

I don't know where, how or when I will find the door to this path but what I gather now are those who I believe in and those who were just all "talk." I can honestly express myself now better than my younger years. But I wonder how many in the biz can do the same?

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