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Humble Fighters

Arriving back to Thailand 1 1/2 weeks ago, there is no escaping the warm air, traffic jams and aura of a country that displays truly hard working individuals.  This is probably my 7th time being back in the Bangkok area and every time it is always just for my Muay Thai training. Returning every year has given me a bit of time to become more familiar with the areas surrounding where I train and shop. But there are things to always learn and experience as life is about adapting to any situation at a given time. This this time around, I booked a different hotel, had my first case of an upset stomach in Thailand and missing out a few morning training sessions. To those who have never trained in Thailand, 2x/day of training is the Thai standard. But almost a week's rest per morning, along with switching to eating more protein and adding in vitamins from juices, I slowly regained my energy back from the upset stomach that felt like it sucked the life out of me. Now why do I title this "humble fighters" you may ask? It is because through hard work, staying focused and giving it your all is part of the keys to success. Thai fighters as young as 8 years old know this concept as it's engrained into their psyche from the rigorous training and respect learned and earned through the years of hard work. Only by training alongside these great warriors will one understand what I am truly talking about. You get invigorated when you can hear every action movement from the kicking of the pads to the minute sounds of knees hitting the heavy bag. It's as if we were all playing instruments at a symphony. Through this hardcore training in the birthplace of Muay Thai, you gain an inner balance on the perspective of life. 

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