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2008 First and Final Address To The Haters, Nay-Sayers, Non-Believer and Overall Shady People

Dear Haters, Nay-Sayers, Non-Believers and Overall Shady People,For years I have tried to explain to you that I wish not to be part of your chase for fame and fortune. I want no part in the race for the glamor and the lights. If I had wanted it till now, I would have gotten it and you would probably not be able to do anything.But rather, I have continued to only chase the excellence in my work. A right you have as much as me. I have strived to become better than I was the day before and plan on how to beat myself tomorrow at what I did yesterday.So I wanted to share this with you.....Sometimes, I grab my balls....

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that's alright boo. sometimes i grab my breasts. when asked whey, i reply, "just checking. feel like i may have gone down to a D cup" and then I walk away. i do it out of sheer boredom and/or annoyance, but w/e floats your boat.
almost 12 years ago
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lmao you're awesome! I'm a "lover" not a "hater" always supporting ya!
almost 12 years ago
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grabbing your balls isn't bad.... it's when you start scratching them is when people worry. Lol be well Papi and f*ck the haters. "Those that can't hate those who can"
almost 12 years ago
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Just do it!
almost 12 years ago
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You're doing a great job bro!! Just keep up the good work. Peace Michael
almost 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
almost 12 years ago
Way to go Dove
almost 12 years ago
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LMAO !!! show them what you working with !!
almost 12 years ago
sweetheart, why you even bother givin' them your time? Your gift speaks volume all by itself.
almost 12 years ago


take a picture, snap....

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