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2008 First and Final Address To The Haters, Nay-Sayers, Non-Believer and Overall Shady People

Dear Haters, Nay-Sayers, Non-Believers and Overall Shady People,For years I have tried to explain to you that I wish not to be part of your chase for fame and fortune. I want no part in the race for the glamor and the lights. If I had wanted it till now, I would have gotten it and you would probably not be able to do anything.But rather, I have continued to only chase the excellence in my work. A right you have as much as me. I have strived to become better than I was the day before and plan on how to beat myself tomorrow at what I did yesterday.So I wanted to share this with you.....Sometimes, I grab my balls....

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Just do it!
over 15 years ago
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You're doing a great job bro!! Just keep up the good work. Peace Michael
over 15 years ago
Way to go Dove
over 15 years ago


take a picture, snap....

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