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Robyn Doris

Just finished a piece that was really exciting to create.

The hot doris is Robyn Williamson, a Canadian model based here in Hong Kong.

She is the clients girlfriend (lucky man).

I wanted to capture movement in the hair and then build abstract 'shizzle' into the piece using a combination of digital and analogue techniques.

1st up I wanted to take some reference shots to work from so I got in touch with the talented Jasper McIlroy.

Here's us shooting, and experimenting how to get the best hair...Read more

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Dead Art Comes Alive

UFO have teamed up with AnD to present a plethora of shizzly shiz from our very own AnD artists. Kicks off next month :)

Dead Art Comes Alive is to give the local artists a chance to show their works, there are many talented artists in Hong Kong deserve recognition and appreciation. The underground lowbrow art movement is common in Europe and America, but still not popular in Hong...Read more

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This one, that one, or none at all??

I have an upcoming group exhibition (exciting), with some fellow talented AnD artists next month (details to follow).

The theme is along the lines of: "Dead Art Comes Alive" / "Art is Not Dead" which does help explain the current temprament of my most recent Doris's.

So for those of you who suspected I was in an artistic funk of depression... do not fear, I was merely channelling my dark side creative juices :)

I have to submit 3-4 pieces and would love to hear which ones ...Read more

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For Now...

Flying back to the motherland this evening for a short break and some well deserved and much missed quality family time. woohoo.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of watercolours - not yet completed- but I thought I should blog something so as you know I haven't disappeared or drowned in my bowl of dirty paint water...

Rainy Day Doris

Read more

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Melancholy Doris

A mixed start to 2010. Melancholy Doris is a representation of my rainy blues after the following events:

  • Killer's concert cancelled

  • Missing out on 2 Many Djs (forgotten passport - cue scary immigration dudes in Macau)

  • Losing My sketchbook

  • Losing my phone also (damn those thieving taxi fairies)

Bring on the Tiger, and the tides of change! rarrrr

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Lost not Found :(

Ive been working on a series of geek-chic bespectacled 'spec'tacular doris's...

Then I went and left my sketchbook in a taxi NOooooooooooooooooooo !!!

The HK lost property fairy is yet to bestow me her great grace, despite me ringing the taxi hotline about once every 30mins.

If, by some miracle you stumble across it please please ...Read more

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E.V.E.N.T Interview

So,(I promise I didnt bribe them) E.V.E.N.T have bestowed me the honour of uploading my ole mug shot and opinions onto their 'featured artists' section of their website. 

Being notoriously photo-shy, self conscious, and awkward in front of the camera, it was an interesting experience (and challenging one for Elden, who had to remind me to actually try to LOOK at the camera) having the shots taken.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the thoroughly lovely Emily Eldridge who is also soon to appear on the site, as wel...Read more

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The Glamazon

Recently completed portrait.

This woman radiates gorgeousness and class in large doses.

A joy to paint.

Digital print on canvas.

Pssst: Her daughter is well known to us here on AnD...

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Twilight Doris

Acrylic & Ink on canvas.

A bit random and eerie, and not at all looking like my initial 'vision' for the piece, but quite enjoying the experimental process.

Painting on the balcony of justice with the music blaring and the ...Read more

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Pencils, Paint, Pen creations... New Doris Hot Temptations

Since being encouraged to step away from my beloved macbook, and to pick up the paintbrush again, I have to admit that Ive been a bit addicted, and distracted from my usual activities... in the ZONE.

Loving the smells of paint, getting all messy, singing loudly (badly out of tune - much to the annoyance of anyone else in the room), and feeling inspired.

Recent scribbles have been a bit of a breast fest (approved in large doses by the manfriend) but I think that the female form is rud...Read more

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