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New Year, New (old) Techniques:

Yes, I am fully aware that this  medium is not new, but its been SUCH a long time since I have used traditional analogue media i figured it was time to re-explore some. I don't mind admitting that I was a tiny bit scared to pick up a brush again... eek

Ive always liked the scope of watercolour, and even when 'painting' on the trusty Mac, I still prefer a watercolour and ink brush pallette.

Added to this is its history of being used in cartoons and illustrations (although granted, predominately wild...Read more

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Crimbo presents for my beloved (public catsick).

He gets extra brownie points for enduring my constant stream of homemade gifts

At least im not into crochet teapots or anything (although personally I think they are retro funkalicious - shhh)

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Ha-Ha-HApPy New YeArS !!

To you, and you, and you too (and you)...

Woooosh there goes a decade,

Hope it was filled with many memorable 'Noughties' adventures.

Bring on the next round of adventures.Wishing you all a successful and exciting 2010


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Ho Ho Ho

Here is my Mass Crimbo card to One and All. (Save the Trees)

To All thy festive merry makers,

May your crimbo be filled with twinkly magical festive fun.

Mince Pie kisses & mistletoe wishes


Christmas Doris:

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The Pfeiffer

William Pfeiffer is a tres talented man of the media world.

The former Celestial Pictures boss, now heads up Tiger Gate Entertainment which has two channels initially targeted at the Asian market.KIX is an action channel featuring sports and fight events, sci-fi, action reality shows and high quality movies. Thrill is a movie channel specializing in the thriller, suspense, horror genres.


More importantly....Read more

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Spank Yooou

Thanks to AnD for putting my new skin up la ^-^


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Crimbo Creations

Santa's sleighbells are fast approaching and the cramp in my mouse hand, and general feeling of panicked anxiety, tells me I know all about it.

All of this dissolves into beaming happy smiley delirium however, when a painting is well received by its recipients.

First up, is this portrait piece I just completed of the talented duo that bring us E.V.E.N.T company. (www.alivenotdead.com/event & www...Read more

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Shizzly Shiz

Yes people, I KNOW its been ages and ages. I wont make excuses, but simply give you a quick update of my choicey activities of late.

  • Currently doing a portrait of our very own AnD's Kate and Roger of E.V.E.N.T. In the final stages of a 'floaty head surrounded by paint splatter' number for them. I shall ask the funkalicious pair if its ok to give you a sneaky look once its been approved and printed.

  • About to undertake a couple more pieces including a possible venture illustrating an erotic novel... oo...Read more

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Clockenflap T-shirts 2009

You can see the 2 winning designs by Right Hand Rabbit & Fever Chu, along with the festivals collaborative designers Chinastylus AND Salon de Pigeon AND Fingercroxx (ooh they are spoiling us non?!) at:


All Ts will be produced by ELEMENT and availble at the festival and through alivenotdead. The Fingercroxx, ChinaStylus and SalonDePigeon designs will be available at Double Park/IT

Good work peeps, lo...Read more

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Sky Magazine Issue 2

A wee mention in Issue 2 of this newly established HK magazine targeting Hk teens.



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