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Issue Three

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Thanking you... and you.. and you.. you too.

Wow, So yesterday I reached a century of fans!

You'll have to excuse my excitement at this, but outside of immidiate family and friends I have never had fans before.

Thanks to everyone for their encouragement, and everytime I doubt my creative adventures I'll remember that there are 100 people here that back me

Happy Days!


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Doodly doodle da doo

The latest etching, a product of a rainy afternoon combined with raging hangover.

A number of pencil sketchings additionally sat in the in-tray awaiting colouring up (none of which are even close to becoming my masterpiece... the sketching and inspirational bolt of lightning is still being sought). Now all I need is a time turner device... or a way to survive on 3hours sleep a night to achieve.

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Fierce Doris

I was at a party on Friday night when out of nowhere a TOTALLY fierce doris stomps past me in a manner that demanded my eyes (and those of all other bystanders, esp those owned by males) to follow.

She was about a gazillion feet tall with spidery long legs, wearing a fire red dress that hugged in all the inappropriately right places, with matching Angelina-esque red lips, and super sleek glossy long black hair.

I stood at the bar not even minding that my manfriend was gawping... since I too was entranced by her wicked good looks...Read more

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Shanghai White

Through the fact that I happen to know people who seem to be a whole LOT more connected than little ole me, I found myself last minute at the Shanghai White event the other night to go check out the CB fresh trio.

I back-door-boogied fairly swiftly into the evening for fear of overindulging in the vodka cocktails on a schoolnight (never sensible); but woke first thing the next morning remembering the distinct blue and white Qipao's that the (incredibly tall) hostesses were wearing, and the feathered beauties who entertained / tease...Read more

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In need of Inspiration

Im currently working on an entry into the Sovereign Art Foundations' Asian Art prize competition... after being sat down by a very talented (and persuasive) fellow AnD' er, who quite rightly pointed out that if i want to get my name and art 'out there' I have to be proactive, pushy and damn well pursue every available creative avenue possible.

For those of you unaware of the SAF, I urge you to go check out their website. SAFis a charitable organisation which supports and promotes Asian artists, whilst also suppo...Read more

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AnD Community

Just a quick entry to say to one and all who have extended a warm welcome to me here: A giant big thank you muchly! To all who have left comments on my work.. you guys rock. Its always a pleasure to read feedback on my work, good and bad it all helps me with the next pencil powered creative sesh.Tx

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06/02/2009 - A Revamp

A relative newbie to AlivenotDead, I have an admission of dismissal to confess: Reluctantly I signed up a wee while ago, sighing as I did so wondering how on earth I was going to maintain and keep up to date with my facebook, blog, email, social life, ridiculous slave labour working hours, addiction to lan kwai / wanchai... with the addition of yet another networking site??!Caving to peer pressure, I completed the rudimentary fields of entry, bunged some random shizzle from my databank of sketchpad / computer experiments and thought not...Read more

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