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This one, that one, or none at all??

I have an upcoming group exhibition (exciting), with some fellow talented AnD artists next month (details to follow).

The theme is along the lines of: "Dead Art Comes Alive" / "Art is Not Dead" which does help explain the current temprament of my most recent Doris's.

So for those of you who suspected I was in an artistic funk of depression... do not fear, I was merely channelling my dark side creative juices :)

I have to submit 3-4 pieces and would love to hear which ones you are liking / disliking the most?

Medium for all: watercolour & ink on watercolour paper, A3

Winged Doris :

Sheltered Doris:

Crop Top Doris:

Ruffled Doris:

Afro Doris:

Feathered Doris:

Lashes Doris:

Naked Princess Doris:

Rainy Day Doris:


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Jayfc 5d jayfc
I really like the contorted body shaped ones.. feathered, winged, afro, rainy... and they seem to make the most sense (to me anyways) as a set... great stuff.. have a good one...
about 14 years ago
Photo 504650
They are all amazing but winged Doris and feathered doris for sure, great stuff. good luck with the show
about 14 years ago
Photo 43244
tough choice, but this one called out to me the most!
about 14 years ago
Photo 43244
a close second....
about 14 years ago
Photo 63849
i like this one best, nice composition
about 14 years ago
Photo 95928
It's very hard to pick. I'm with Jay though on the theme of the contorted body shaped dorises. Although Rainy Day Doris strikes a chord.
about 14 years ago
Photo 327827
Thanks everyone, much appreciated :)
about 14 years ago
Photo 70840
I really love crop top doris and rainy day doris
about 14 years ago
Photo 70840
sorry I meant to say shelteren doris and rainy day doris
about 14 years ago
Photo 53024
I love this - Rainy Day Doris
about 14 years ago


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