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Sneak Peak: Custom Board Design for Billabong

My custom punk-themed surfboard artwork for Billabong roadshow across China... Big Thanks to Oli and Johnny at Billabong for the invite and the awesome goodie bag...

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St Piran's Day...

In case anyone has forgotten, this Saturday March 5th is St Piran's day... For any displaced Cornishmen in Hong Kong, may I suggest a trip to The Globe - they've made some excellent Cornish Pasties and brought in some fine Cornish ale just for the occasion. Omlowen dha bos!- as we say in Cornwall, occasionally...''

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ChinaStylus 10 Anniversary

Last Friday we held a little party at the Central studio to celebrate doing our thing for ten years... Thanks to everyone who wished us well and showed up on the night to celebrate with us and make it a very memorable evening - friends, family, clients, artists, Djs and even the occasional gate-crasher...

Check out the pix and vids on AliveNotDead HERE or on FaceBook HERE

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Clockenflap 2010 - The Charlatans + DJ Food

More info and enquiries: www.clockenflap.com

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Now We Are TEN...

ChinaStylus has just entered its 10th year in business... That's a decade doing my own thing. Unbelievable.. Thanks to everyone who's helped me stay (relatively) sane during this long and rocky ride... And yes, there will be a party...

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Anniversary Tatts...

4 Years... Thanks to Mrs FC for an awesome surprise and to Gabe for the gift....

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Positive Posters 2010

We're gushing with pride here as ChinaStylus has been selected as one of 30 finalists (out of more than 1500 entries from 70 countries) in the international annual Positive Posters design competition.

There'll be an exhibition of all finalists and the announcement of the winner in Hong Kong this Thursday (October 14) at the Fringe roof garden.. Check out the event Read more

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Wall Lords - FINAL 290810


finest at work all in one place and in broad daylight.. From the folks that brought you Invasian Magazine... More HERE...

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My Playlist in the SCMP..

Thanks to AKW for

inviting me to take part in this.. Not only flattering, but a thought provoking exercise and a privilege to share...

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