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TGI thursday!

Why you might ask? why friday? thursday is just as good as friday if not better, you don't feel so guilty going out at night because you know the next day is friday! and thursday rhymes with thirsty, and I'm always thirsty, and beside the fact that I am leaving for Koh Samui tomorrow afternoon....mmm ya its just an awesome day!

some fun pictures to share with y'all!







almost 16 years ago 0 likes  12 comments  0 shares
Photo 49253
ha ! It must be delicious than his own.
almost 16 years ago
Zhouxiaofei 88 zhouxiaofei
almost 16 years ago
Photo 37580
nice, most of those are good.
almost 16 years ago
Photo 31454
my fave :P
almost 16 years ago
Photo 85999
hahaha You can't imagine how often this actually happens ;)
almost 16 years ago
Karinannacheung 6b karinannacheung
...but what if life gives you no money for clothes??? hahahaha...
almost 16 years ago
Photo 37580
She looks like she has a really long torso. (thought I put that in yesterday but guess not heh)
almost 16 years ago
Photo 108412
awesome! :D
almost 16 years ago
Photo 55108
so cute pic .... genius, bar drinks are so expensive these days!
almost 16 years ago


i like funny people.

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