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The dream becomes reality ...

Well,  It has been a long time since my last entry. I have been busy and made a lot of thinking.Let's take the clock back a year shall we ?I remember I was struggleing with myself, divided between reason and passion. Reason would have been to stay where I was, working to make sure I could provide food to my daughter and wife and passion would have been to drop everything and go for what I always wanted to do: Acting.Now we are A year and a falf later. Reiki the Movie is finally completed and will screen during the Cannes fil...Read more

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The Reiki after match

Original title refering to the shooting sessions of Reiki I know :p ^^ Well, Today was the last day of the reshoot and I have to say, it felt good to be done with it.Once everything was done, we went back to Pedro's place where he showed me the 4 first pages of the comic book made by Reny Wong.Only one word: GREAT !This project is getting such proportion that I am not sure yet if this is a dream or if it's real.Anyway whatever that is, it's happening and this is all that matters :)Shooting Reiki was far from being simple.We ...Read more

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When pain feels actually good.

Reiki’s fighting choreography has resumed and I wanted to share some of my feeling on this wonderful (yet quite empty) blog of mine.

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Finally, after a month of pause for summer holiday, kids in Disney land, and se* euhh I mean, love xD. We are back on the job.


Yesterday was substantially painful. The main reasons were:

1.      Since we didn’t train in a month, muscles needed to be back on track. Today I barely feel my...Read more

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I am a ghost

Hi everyone,


I know I am quite a ghost at the moment but I am very busy organising my new life. But don't worry I'll be back soon.

By the way, did you know that Blizzard annouced 'Diablo 3" ?

I don't know if some of you know the game but it's one of the most expected PC/MAC games together with "Starcraft 2"

See you soon.


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Metal Gear Solid - When Film Making meets Video Games

Now if there is a video game I am expecting like no other (after World of Warcraft expantion 2 of course ^^) it's Metal Gear Solid 4. During the past 10 years, Solid Snake has become one of the most famous video game character together with Cloud Strife & Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII. Snake has everything: -Charisma -Wisdom -Fighting Skills -Good looking And most of all, he's human. He has emotions, asks himself...Read more

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What triggered it ...

What triggered it ....

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I remember when I was a kid.


I had about 6 years old when I saw what would change my life forever.

It was a movie called “le Bossu” with French actors Jean Marrais and Bourvil. These two were really great French actors of their time but that movie really awakened something within me.


I suddenly wanted to be all these heroes I saw on screen. And of course the only way to do it was to be...Read more

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Thank you

Hello folks,


When I look at how things evolve in life, I have to admit it’s getting better and better.

I really would like to thank everyone for your welcome when I joined the AnD Community.

Thank you very much.

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Davide D’Urbano

aka Mr. 500

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Reiki - Possible bonus material

One of Hansel’s journal ripped page


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I was so filled with certainty about our mission, our duty to the world as one of it’s keepers but now everything is different now. It all began with Claire’s death. When that bolt of lightning hit the church she was in, prying god, begging him to protect me in battle. When I first heard of her death, I felt my heart breaking into pieces.<...Read more

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