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Miss Earth Pageant and Macau..

Sorry!! havent done any postings here for a while, trying to work the day job and doing the music thing on the side, FUN but so tiring! First off, for the gents, Yes I had the honor of MCing Miss Earth Swim Suit Competition few weekends ago and had a great time doing it. As a pageant freak myself, I LOVED seeing girls from all over the world doing the cat walk, in swim suits...well...that came out a little weird but anyways, here are some pics of the night of the show. It was a bit chaotic but we managed to run the show successfully AND had fun at the same time!


Below pics:

At the airport with JJ ~

 Pageant contestants MC S and Roger~

And of course, Miss Korea won the section of the pageant..VERY prettyyy

Miss Korea again

Show's over time to have fun!

some more pictures from this past weekend, for work, we had an offsite at the venetian... the room was one of the things I really enjoyed during the trip~

Back from Macau, exploring Kowloon with some friends.... (we rarely go over to the other side, so yes, it was advanturous for us!)

Other than running around like mad woman, nothing much have been going on lately, trying to work with some AnD artists on side projects, hope to post up some songs on the site soon!~

 peace in the middle east.


P.S. I just realized Miss Canada Jessica WON MISS EARTH!! CONGRATS Jessica!

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doh, i picked the wrong weekend to be out of town! :-(
over 16 years ago
Swimsuit pageant . . . That's HOT!!!!! If only I knew!
over 16 years ago
01 04 andrew
lookin' good girl
over 16 years ago
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nice bumping into u guys last night!! ahh i am so sorry that i missed adding u to the email list for my little gathering... but the upside is you didn't see me make a complete fool of myself...
over 16 years ago
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Nice... looked like you had fun.
over 16 years ago
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worth the trip!
over 16 years ago
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hey shan,go to my facebook and look at the pics of the same event 2008 without u...:( hope to do it with u next year!
over 15 years ago
shan ... u looks so hot !!!
over 15 years ago


i like funny people.

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