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It's The Principle of the Thing

Wouldn't it be nice if doing the right thing was just a little more... rewarding?

And I'll be honest, I'm not talking about a warm righteous glow. I'm not talking about the sleep of the just.

I mean the sleep of the just after.

Wouldn't it be nice to do the right thing... and get laid for it?

But noooooo... Doing the right thing always means that you don'tget laid.

Sometimes not getting laid isthe right thing to do.


Many, many ti...Read more

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Around the Bend and Back Again


Remember granny across the hall, who only ever sings "Jingle Bells," but with one word?

She'd make Phish proud with the two-hour jam sessions she does; I admit that occasionally, she'll roll the melody over on itself or do it backwards or something. Interesting, even at the third hour.

Well anyway, tonight there's a new development.

Her husband, who occasionally just yells at her, started DOING IT TOO.

I am not sure if she's contagious, or if he was tea...Read more

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I'm Going to Hell...

And/or the unemployment office.

Why can't I be a normal middle-aged person and start a nice band that plays nice music for nice people?

Why do my instincts, both musical and humorous, run to the profane and mean-spirited?

Because I like it that way, I like music like that, and it makes people laugh.

The music is the important thing, but with a band name like we have, t-shirts are a cottage industry waiting to be exploited...

Read more

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UPDATED: Long Day's Journey Into Central- Now With More Photos!

Someone asked me if I would blog about the party... Since it is the same person who asked if I would go in the first place, and who asked me to be sure to go, of course I will.

But, as always, a little background is in order.

I average about six hours sleep a night. So yesterday was an average day. I woke up at 7:00, because I had things to do. I ate breakfast and tried to pick up my flat, because the housekeeper would be here. Yes, I am one of those people who tidies up my ...Read more

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Obey Xu Xu

Resistance is Fruitless...

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Winsome Chan is here!

Angie became a mom on mother's day.

Sidney and Angie (mostly Angie) gave birth to Winsome Chan today at 1:20.

Please visit Sidney's page and congratulate them:


Winsome is a beautiful little angel, and I am absolutely terrified of holding her. She is tiny and perfect and fragile-loo...Read more

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"I'm not crying Vickie, I got something in my eye..."

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You may have seen these photos before...

10 minutes with Movie Maker.


But what do you think of the music?

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On Being Fat, Old, and Stupid

I went to the gym with Rick today. His wife Gigi met us there too.

It is ambivalently motivational to exercise with Rick. He is a truly nice person, a great motivator and obviously very knowledgeable about what he teaches me. He's a chiropractor and is in absolutely frightening shape.

Luckily for me, he is also a very nice person totally devoid of the all-too-typical Gym Rat attitude.

Of course, in Hong Kong, that attitude can include hogging the water fountain while you fix your hair in the mirror ...Read more

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Completely Around The Bend

The old lady across the hall is insane.

Well, I guess senile would be a better word for it.

She's benignly insane... She'll occasionally get out of her flat and wander up and down the hall, sometimes stopping to talk to the garbage left outside the Refuse Room.

She doesn't even really bother her husband. But he will yell at her to shut up when she gets on his nerves.

That usually happens about Hour 3 of her incessantly singing "Jingle Bells" in Cantonese with just one word; ...Read more

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