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Dear Spain: You F@#$ed Up

Without rehashing the issue, let me say that this ignorant photo will have very serious repercussions.

Like many of us, I am not shocked so much at the content of it, but that such things happen in 2008. I could have sworn Spain was part of the 21st century too.

Know why these guys are laughing?

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This Sucks


Bernie Mac died. He was one of the funniest and most insightful comics America ever had.

He provided me with all the knowledge I'll ever need to live my own life as well as raise children  into decent, useful adults:

"I don't believe sht until sht happens. Believe in yourself."

"Quit cryin' all the godd@amn time. Do some pushups or somethin'."

"...Read more

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Boredom is not Prejudice

As an American living in (an SAR of) China during the Olympics, I spend a lot of time with my mouth shut.

Not that it really matters, since I spend 90% of my day alone. But that's not my point.

I'm glad for China that they are hosting the Olympics. 

But I really don't careabout the Olympics.

I can't remember the last time I intentionally watched the Olympics.

Well, maybe the 1980 winter games. Other than that, nada.

At least in terms of the sporting events. I remembe...Read more

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Mummy Mandarin: A Question

Since all I can say in Mandarin is 'hello,' 'thank you,' and 'shut up' (courtesy of Taiwanese dog owners at 2AM when Fido wouldn't 'mo lun cho')*, I have a Mandarin question for those of who you speak it.

I have noticed in the last few period films ( Warlords, Three Kingdoms, Red Cliff, etc.)  that actors who can speak Mandarin are nevertheless dubbed by others. The explanation has often been that the Mandarin dialect used in the film is 'historically correct,' i.e. significantl...Read more

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Movie Review: The Mummy 3

I am a Dummy for Watching The Mummy

I could be nice and say SPOILERS AHEAD, except that no one should watch this film, and all the surprises in the film are negative in nature.

I'm going to use this film in my class, because it shows how you can check off everything on the screenplay checklist and still come up with an utterly awful, nearly unwatchable film.

Jet Li got paid US$13 million dollars, and God bless him, because he's CGI for 90% of the film.

That's good work if you can get it.Read more

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A Rare Stab of Sympathy

I am rarely described as a sympathetic person.

Probably because I rarely am.

Usually, my instinct for sympathy only covers kids with cancer and abused animals.

But I find myself really feeling bad for this person:

Her name is Lu Jing Jing, and she was Miss Asia 2004.

Unfortunately for her, this and other photos are used in that email you might get about her bei...Read more

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10,000 and 41

Thanks to everyone who found my spleen-venting rants entertaining enough that I now have over 10,000 visits. I have made friends and found a much-needed space for letting off this chronic steam. I have met, literally and figuratively, lots of people with whom I feel I can communicate and who share similar interests. So thank you again, because I need that.


I'm hiding in my flat, working on this research and scrupulously attempting to not go outside. It&#...Read more

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Mixed Emotions

As I read about Hong Kong journalists getting roughed up in Beijing, I must confess to struggling with my feelings.

On the one hand, I'm not a fan of 'overly ambitious' police work. I really try not to allow myself the knee-jerk reactions I've been trained to have at seeing Chinese authority assert itself.

I also feel bad because Western press will be all over this and add it to the bias they already will bring with them. China doesn't need this problem so close to the Olympics.

On the otherhand......Read more

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War Pigs

The cost of the so-called War on Terror is approaching one trilliondollars.

Who's gettingthat $? I wish more people asked that question.

Think of it this way:

If you sell guns to the government, you get rich. I mean, billionaire-type rich. Look at Haliburton, etc.

If you carrya gun for the government, you risk injury and/or death for less than minimum wage.

Partially because your equipment is frequently faulty, out of date, or you don't have it.

The equipment supplied by defense contra...Read more

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A babe in my life

Having recently complained that I have no babes in my life...

I was lying.

Let me be fair and honest and post a picture of one of them.

Oooohhh, still lying. Thebabe in my life.

My goddaughter is cute, isn't she?

If I'm lucky, just about the time Vickie outgrows Movie Days with Uncle Sean, Winsome will be old enough that I can take her...

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