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What makes me an artist anyway???

Playing guitar in COCKFIGHT, that's what.

You can hear a couple of (non-vocals)  demos on the band page.

Thank you to everyone whose support and encouragement (and artist endorsement, and great posters) helped get the ball rolling.

I knew I was onto a good name for the band when I asked a friend if they were going to see Djizoes and she said no, because there was going to be another band there whose name was so puerile and repugnant that she was afraid to even think about what they sounded like......Read more

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Who Writes This Stuff?

I admit, this is what I get for looking to Yahoo for weather. But what do we notice in this graphic, other than the temperature being Fahrenheit?:

Why is the present temperature higher than today's high? And why is it ALWAYS like this?

Meteorology is probably the only career in which you can be chronically wrong and just throw your hands up and go "What? I was wrong..." and k...Read more

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Movie Review: Kung Fu Hip Hop

If I say this movie was better thanKung Fu Dunk, I'm not really saying much, am I?

This is one of those movies where I have to assume I'm too old, toogweilo, or just otherwise not the intended audience.

Sometimes I laughed with it, sometimes at it.

Like I said, they didn't make this movie for me.

It's got a great poster; very Andy Warhol

Big t...Read more

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

You can always tell when a relationship turns toxic. There’s no fun it it. You dread the time spent together, whereas you used to look forward to it, laugh and really enjoy yourself. The person that used to be the center of your life now seems like a black hole that sucks all your energy, love and money out of you into an empty vacuum that threatens to destroy your soul.Can I break up with myself?

We only eat where I want to eat.

I never take myself anywhere new.

I never treat myself special.I take myself fo...Read more

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Swimming to Breakfast

Apparently, Noah was Chinese.

It has been raining for approximately five thousand years, or so it would seem. Good hard rain, too. I like it because it knocks down the temperature and the pollution; Hong Kong in July is usually like living in a smoker's lung.  Late winter and early spring, on the  other hand, are like living in a dead smoker's lung. And he died before exhaling.

Never mind.

This rain is unbelievable. It's chronic.

Of course, it doesn't interrupt the flow of life here. Pe...Read more

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I haven't blogged much, and I have been even worse at keeping up my correspondences with people whom I consider good friends and therefore easily deserving of replies.

Excuses, in short:

I moved, and because I have no family or domestic help, whatever needs doing in my house (and my life) either gets done by me or not at all. So I have been running a million errands, unpacking, 'decorating,' and doing lots of manly stuff like replacing sink parts and other assorted household sh*t.

Also, my new space is different fr...Read more

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A Girl and a Movie

I went to see Kung Fu Panda. It was entertaining, but it still wound me up at times. Still, I shall refrain from any profane ranting out of respect for the photos I include in this entry.

Vickie really enjoyed the movie, and that's all that counts.

Oddly, that's probably what she looks like in front of me, too...

Read more

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In, Up, and Over

I am moved. I am also online again. After tomorrow, when the curtains are installed (shut up...), I will have the place to myself.

Although I am certainly open to visitors...

The place is still a godawful mess, but t least it's got everything in it.

The bedroom. Note mattress, 1 foot too wide. Joe College forgot his tape measure. Got the new one yesterday.

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F@#$ This

I never played tennis. I refuse to believe I exercise enough or play guitar enough to blame either of them for my problem.

Isn't this hot?

I'll tell you, in Hong Kong in summer it sure as f@#$ is.

It's a compression sleeve. It's like the thing Allen Iverson wears, although the contents of mine are not worth nearly as much.

I have 'tennis elbow.' It sucks. Especi...Read more

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Pipe Life

The Human Train Wreck is back. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person:


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If we don't support the movies that deserve it, we get the movies that we deserve.

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