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Smallest State, Biggest Drunks

Tammy Chan will back me up on this:

The Biggest Little State in the Union will drink your sorry @ss under the table.

Rhode Island has the highest per capita alcohol consumption of any of the 50 states (all of which are bigger). It also has the highest concentration of Catholics, but I'm not sure that has anything to do with it.

I grew up in Rhode Island, and as a third generation Irish Catholic recovering alcoholic, I can say that maybe it does...

I found this on Yahoo:

============...Read more

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Marmots are groundhogs.

Groundhog Day was a very funny movie about a guy (Bill Murray) who gets trapped in the same day over and over again.

I feel like that a lot of the time.

Wake up.

Take all my medication for the asthma and allergies I have from living here.

Eat breakfast.

Go to my office, or, lately, stay home and work there.

Eat lunch; cook (the same stuff) or eat (the same stuff) while watching a DVD.

Go home.

Cook (the same) dinner.

Watch a DVD. Or two.

Tak...Read more

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I think this is funny

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Me, [yat maan], and other stuff.

The only bad part about becoming an artist is that now I have to use my real name.

Why is that bad?

Because I enjoy writing without fear of recrimination.

I don't want to have to say that I think a person has some unfortunately un-reflective ideas.

I want to be able to say that person is a f@#$in' idiot.

Contrary to my vocabulary and/or photos, would you believe I was an assistant professor at a university in Hong Kong?

Me either.

I remember when I was in gr...Read more

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Blue Sky

We do have it, occasionally. The summer weather pattern and all that rain made for some nice skies


Tai Wai, from the flyover by the KCR station.

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Housewarming... late!

I am egregiously tardy with this, but I hope it can fall under 'better late than never.'

Someone sent me a set of salt and pepper shakers. They are GREAT because they are totally guy-centric.

Absolutely un-metrosexual and not feminine in the least. And thank god for THAT.

Thank you Peachey!

It was also a sort of homecoming for them, as you can see:

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Behold the face of stupidity

This is the jackass who thinks Hollywood intentionally indulged in evil symbolism to insult and degrade China.

He makes art with pandas as prostitutesand concubines, but Kung Fu Panda apparently goes overboard.

He's a charmer, eh?

You know what? I'd probably make that face too if I was getting skull-f@#$ed by a stuffed panda.

It may explain his stupidity...Read more

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Okay, then...

What am I?

Maybe this is why Akon's not smiling.

Then again, I'm the one who wanted to recreate the Kelly-licious album cover with mea-squatin the dress for COCKFIGHT's page... Note the evil green eyes.

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Does anyone else notice...

The name of the gig and the expression on the subject's face?

I bet he couldn't even tell his friends where he was playing:

"The WHAT party???"

"I know, I know..."

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Special thanks to The Golden Rock for pointing this out on his blog. I know he didn't email me directly since he knows stuff like this makes my aneurysm act up.



Chinese artist suing over "Panda"       

Written by Clifford Coonan  

Friday, 18 July 2008

BEIJING -- Chinese performance art...Read more

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