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BPR posts the contents of my iPod

Boston Progress Radio just posted the contents of my iPod and my mind. Well, in a way...

From the site: "Shuffled! is a new feature on BPRLive, in which we ask some of our favorite people on the scene to set their mp3 player of choice to random, and tell us about the first few songs that they hear."

My entry went live on the site today. Check it out here. And leave a comment to give 'em some positive reinforcem...Read more

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Life is a series of choices. Today yours are good ones.

I voted today. Then I ate chinese food. I think my fortune says it all:

For those who can't read the crappy photo my Razr took (probably everyone), it says: "Life is a series of choices. Today yours are good ones."

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everyone vote tomorrow

I've never made a political blog posting before, but here goes: everyone vote tomorrow. I'll try to keep this as short as possible, but I'm not sure how successful I'm gonna be.

For most of my life (indication #1 that I'm going to be unsuccessful in keeping this short), I've been pretty apathetic politically; I just shied away from it. But then our current president came into office by God knows how close of a call, and I realized that there was a reason why people always said every single vote counts: ...Read more

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rose petals and runways

Yes, those are rose petals on the runway. Here are a couple photos from last weekend, when I was playing at the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Fashion Show. I think I was there to provide the male point of view, because I was the only one with a Y chromosome to step foot on the stage that day. At any rate, it was a great show. And I learned that Miss Chinatown contestants have to change really, really fast. Unfortunately, these photos don't give a sense of how huge and beautiful the ballroom was, so you'll have to take my word for...Read more

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Radiant soda

Definitely one of the coolest things anyone gave me this holiday season. My pal Max always has something quirky up his sleeve... Thanks buddy.

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Make Your Holidays Radiant

Hey everyone,

In celebration of the holidays, I'm rolling out a little promotion for my friends and fans.

If you buy the entire album, "Radiant," on iTunes anytime between now and the end of December, I'll send you a link to download the complete production demos (in MP3 format) for the record, including a never-released song that I've never played or performed.

These are the raw, unmixed and unmastered demos with placeholder instrumental tracks, loops and keyboard sounds filling in for...Read more

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fashion for charity

The 2008 Annual Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant is coming up right after the holidays, and along with that, the Charity Fashion Show, on Saturday, January 5. This year, I'll be doing my part to help out during the charity show by performing. Supposedly, a bunch of songs from "Radiant" are also being worked into the show somehow.

Here's the important part, though: the fashion show is to benefit two really great charities: Project Cuddle (www.projectcuddle...Read more

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Isn't love always remixed anyway

Got word from my man Giles Li over at Boston Progress Radio that one of their staff reviewed "Radiant" as part of their Featured Artist series. What I dig about this review is that the writer clearly isn't a pop music listener, yet she still connected with the songs.

Anyway, reviews can be hard to come by for an indie artist (it's like finding money in your couch, except it's a $20 bill), so please leave a comment at the bottom of their page to show some love right back. Something like "...Read more

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someone needs to make a movie about this immediately


I actually laughed out loud when I saw the girl who dressed like her robot.   And then I watched it again and laughed out loud again.  This is awesome.

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Music dream (dreamnopodie?) No. 1

OK, last night I had a dream. Well, I have dreams all the time, but this one was about music, so I'll share it.

I dreamt I was walking around in a forest with my brother Jeff. It was the future. There were all these pianos everywhere. But - I guess, being the future - pianos were different than we think of them now: they were all sort of DJ pianos, electronic hybrid things with turntables on top and few working keys, if any. No one played real instruments anymore.

It was fall, and leaves were blowing ar...Read more

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