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Save the date: Saturday, July 10, 8pm

If you're in L.A., come hang out w/ me and my band on Saturday, July 10.  We'll be playing the Lotus Festival in Echo Park.  Our set starts at 8pm...

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My thoughts on music and ego

OK, WARNING #1: Rambling ahead.

Uh, WARNING #2: This post may get pulled tomorrow, as I have a tendency to regret blog posts more than a couple sentences long.Actually, on that point, the purpose of this post is not to be preachy or judgmental. What is the purpose of it? To help me sleep.It’s Friday night, you say, why do I need to sleep? Because I have to get up tomorrow morning to get an oil change, and I stupidly scheduled it for 10am. OK, on with the post…This is something that’s been consuming me lately: music can be...Read more

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My thoughts on songwriting (on this particular night)

StartFragmentYou’d think that if you’d been doing something your entire life, you would have some degree of confidence in it, but it seems like I still so often experience the same self-doubt when writing a new song. I mean, there are times when I’ll sit down at my piano and be totally calm and it’ll just come out, like I’m playing it from memory. But more often I find that I can’t control how or when the magic happens. There’s a certain degree of skill and craft that gets accumulated after you’ve been so...Read more

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new song is up: "At This Hour"

Did you ever wish there was a song about being the last ones in the restaurant?  It's your lucky day!!   (unless you hate this song, in which case, sorry, my bad)

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Performing at Tuesday Night Cafe in downtown LA next week

I'll be performing w/ my band downtown (walking distance from where I live) at Tuesday Night Cafe next Tue, 4/20.  I will trying my best to keep the 4/20 jokes to a minimum.  But we will see... If you're in LA, stop by and check it out.  Tuesday Night Cafe is always a great show and a great time.More info:http://www.tuesdaynightproject.org/2010/04/07/tuesday-night-cafe-20-april-2010/

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New music: Sleepwalking To The Bus Stop

New [75% finished version] song In my music player.  The title got cut off... Enjoy.

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3 min. clip from Visual Crunch segment (YouTube)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSFhC-tuRzQ

I still haven't seen the full segment, but MYX TV just let me know they put a nice clip up.  These guys rock.

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Blog: Thursday, Apr 1

If you're in LA, come out to the eastside next Saturday, we're having a free show at Nucleus (gallerynucleus.com).  There will be music, spoken word and magic (actual magic, not just like... figuratively, although who knows, maybe there will be that, too).If you don't come, at least send good vibes that my laptop doesn't crash.  it'll be my first time performing with it.

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so much inspiration, so little time

Spent last week rushing to get the last song of my set to my band for an upcoming show. Now fleshing out the arrangement in the scarce hours between dinner and bedtime. Being a musician in one's "off-hours" is not for the faint of heart. (I was going to write "lazy" there, but I am in fact lazy sometimes. So I can only assume I'm just motivated beyond laziness.)

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preview for Visual Crunch Episode Eight

This Thursday... Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dPJwcFyjtY

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