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someone called for a rock band?

This weekend, I competed in a Rock Band tournament to benefit the victims of the China earthquake.  Good cause + rock music = we're there!   No one in our band had ever played Rock Band more than once.  However... we definitely already knew how to ROCK THE $@^# OUT, I can tell you that. More photos in the album above.


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practice your chinese, otherwise you get this

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I am

ultra vires, baby!

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CORRECTION: L.A. Living will air Thursday

CORRECTION: L.A. Living will air Thursday, 5:30pm.

Just got back from the TV taping. They told me the show will now be airing on Thursday instead of Tuesday.

Maybe they wanted to watch the game, too. ;)

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set your TiVos

If you're in Los Angeles, check out KSCI Channel 18 on Tuesday at 5:30pm. I'm being interviewed by Bell Tsou on the chinese talk/variety show L.A. Living, along with my director from the "Sublingual" music video, Karen Lin. I'll also be performing a couple songs live in their studio and screening the music video.

And yeah, that's the same time as the Lakers game! So either set your TiVos for channel 18, plan to skip the first quarter or so, or just switch over during the commercials to watch me stuttering i...Read more

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Thursday Night Love Song (very, very unofficial version by The Mystery Parade)

I don't know what to say, except...


Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tATVGuEe9ms

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"Unofficial" music videos by The Mystery Parade

My buddy Max just told me that he's been putting up his "unofficial" music videos for "Radiant" on YouTube. Shortly after I recorded the album last year, he started making these kind of random, often silly, music videos in his spare time, with the intention of making a music video for every song on the album (a la Beck). He's putting together a playlist, so people can access them all in one spot. So far he's done about half of them. You can check em out Read more

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channelAPA has my back

Really awesome post on channelAPA for the "Sublingual" music video, calling it "just what we need for APA Heritage Month."  They were also cool enough to include shout-outs to Karen and Chop Suey, as well as mentioning AngryAsianMan.com and AliveNotDead.com:

Check it out here

According to their "About" link, channelAPA started up the day AZN Television shut down, and on less than $60.  Hey, that...Read more

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Just wanted to announce that the music video for "Sublingual" has made its way online. You can watch it on YouTube  here or check out a high quality version on my website  here.

Big thanks to Phil at AngryAsianMan.com, Patrick and Mark at AliveNotDead.com, and my publicist Kim for helping to spread the word about our project!

For those of you who misse...Read more

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Music Video Film Festival Premiere and Afterparty (FREE BEER)

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the music video release party on Fri night. It was awesome getting to share it with you all. Unfortunately, the surprise performance only seemed to surprise around half of you; it's like you EXPECTED me to do something unexpected...

This weekend is also gonna be a big one for our music video, as it's having its official film festival "premiere" as part of "The Gift of Sound + Vision" music video program at the 24th Annual Los ...Read more

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