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Make Your Holidays Radiant

Hey everyone,

In celebration of the holidays, I'm rolling out a little promotion for my friends and fans.

If you buy the entire album, "Radiant," on iTunes anytime between now and the end of December, I'll send you a link to download the complete production demos (in MP3 format) for the record, including a never-released song that I've never played or performed.

These are the raw, unmixed and unmastered demos with placeholder instrumental tracks, loops and keyboard sounds filling in for the real band. My bassist and drummer played along to these demos as scratch tracks during the recording of the album. Essentially, they're the "Radiant" worktapes. And like I said, you'll also get an eleventh song that wasn't included on the finished album.

As an extra bonus, I'm also including one of the unreleased versions of the album art to go along with the production demos that you can throw into iTunes. This was part of the original batch of album covers done by my graphic designer/creative cohort Max Medina.

Just email me at scott@scotttang.com with the date you purchased "Radiant" on iTunes (so I can verify it with my digital distribution accounting), and I'll send you the link to download the demos.

If you've already bought the album, just email me, and I'll send you the link.

Happy holidays, everyone!


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