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Isn't love always remixed anyway

Got word from my man Giles Li over at Boston Progress Radio that one of their staff reviewed "Radiant" as part of their Featured Artist series. What I dig about this review is that the writer clearly isn't a pop music listener, yet she still connected with the songs.

Anyway, reviews can be hard to come by for an indie artist (it's like finding money in your couch, except it's a $20 bill), so please leave a comment at the bottom of their page to show some love right back. Something like "Buy this album NOOOW!" will do, but, you know, feel free to improvise.

The full review can be found at http://www.bprlive.org/2007/12/03/featured-artist-scott-tang/ but here's an excerpt:

"This album may make you want to get into your car, blast the tracks and reminisce about past love or fantasize about new ones. It also reminds me of parts in old TVB Chinese television episodes where either a couple finally gets together after torturous years of keeping their love from each other (this is where a Scott Tang track would start playing), or the part when the couple breaks up but you know they still love each other so it makes you want to jump into the TV to tell them that there is still hope. Although pop albums are not my music of choice, I found "Radiant" to be refreshing at times and perhaps renews my hope that real love exists. Aside from the sometimes very cheesy (or maybe I'm just too jaded) lyrics that yearn for true love, listen to the awesome piano composition in the background. Some tracks to listen for on the album include "Olvera Street," "Sublingual," "Life With You," and "For The Record." But personally I would love to hear "Olvera Street" flipped into a hip-hop remix (Isn't love always remixed anyway?)."

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