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Bad Dream in E Major

Last night I dreamt that I was minutes away from playing a set at the Hotel Cafe and I couldn't find a piano to practice on. OK, it was a nightmare (the idea that I had actually scored a gig at Hotel Cafe should should be a tip-off that it was not based in reality).

I dreamt that the owner of the Hotel Cafe had this huge house connected to it, and I was running around trying to find a piano because I was supposed to play a song I hadn't played in years and couldn't remember it. But all the pianos he had in the hou...Read more

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you can't handle the truth

Some 70 years after the actual massacre, Nanking - or at least the memory of its tragic past - continues to be raped.

Nanking (now known, of course, as Nanjing) has been getting a lot more attention lately, in no small part because of the late Iris Chang's "Rape of Nanking." Filmmakers are apparently flocking to the subject, so far with questionable results. You thought the Shogun/Last Samurai cousin once-removed "Children of Huang Shi" was bad? (OK, well 72% of the critics featured on Rotte...Read more

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F*ck yeah

We did it. Now the real work begins...

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Komuzika this Friday + don't forget to vote!

Just a friendly reminder: I'll be performing this Friday night at the Blue Dahlia, along with Karin Anna Cheung, Big Phony and Tatum Jones. The night will once again be hosted by director/badass NaRhee Ahn.

If you're planning on coming out, you might wanna consider getting there early for dinner and grabbing yourselves some seats (I'll be doing that). From the looks of the Facebook invite, it's gonna be pretty crowded. In fact... yeah, if anyone gets there early and wants to save m...Read more

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NEXT SHOW November 7

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music video and production news

Some more music video news: "Sublingual" has been accepted into both the 9th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival and the 28th Annual Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival. Both are happening in October.

Here's a screengrab from the Hawaii International Film Festival website... jam out w/ your clams out, Hawaii.

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I Am Robot And Proud

A couple days ago, one of my favorite artists, I Am Robot And Proud, released his new album. This guy's music is amazing.
It's all over my iPod. Needless to say, I've been waiting for his new album to drop like forever.

When I saw that the CD was only available by mail-order, I myspaced Shaw-Han, the man behind I Am Robot And Proud, and asked him whether it would ever b...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Sep 16

What's up people. Alright, it's been a long time since I posted something about music. I had a really busy summer. But despite my neglecting to post any updates, I've actually been working like crazy on my third album for the past month and a half.

Here's proof:

See, 6.14 GB of new music so far. OK, not all of it's the actual album, a lot of it is just my sketches of the new album - experimenting, playing with new sounds an...Read more

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Looking for a graphic designer

I'm looking for a graphic designer for my next album, specifically for my website (which'll basically be a blog on Tumblr) and my CD cover.  There's also the slight possibility of t-shirts... You'll have a good amount of creative control - hopefully that'll make up a little for the lack of pay... :( - but I am going for a very specific feel for the design to match the sound of the record: namely something very lo-fi and artsy-looking.  If you're down to discuss more, email me at Read more

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US Sumo Open

Yesterday my friend Binu and I went to check out the US Sumo Open here in L.A. It was pretty cool; they gave us a bunch of free stuff, like a sumo fan and a Sapporo beer keychain/bottle opener, and there was some taiko drumming and a raffle for tons of beer and sake, and a drunk British guy behind us yelling things like "yeah, I love sumo!", "yeah, you look hot!!", "yeah, guy in the black shorts!" etc. I bought some overpriced Spam sushi and Binu got a $5 pretzel.

At first, we were wondering why everyone was...Read more

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