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"Unofficial" music videos by The Mystery Parade

My buddy Max just told me that he's been putting up his "unofficial" music videos for "Radiant" on YouTube. Shortly after I recorded the album last year, he started making these kind of random, often silly, music videos in his spare time, with the intention of making a music video for every song on the album (a la Beck). He's putting together a playlist, so people can access them all in one spot. So far he's done about half of them. You can check em out HERE

Clearly they're totally different in mood from my official music video ( Sublingual), but they're a lot of fun and I love em.

Apparently, you never know when you're gonna hang out w/ Max and end up in a video. Here's who I recognize so far:

-Celeste (if you watch her long enough it looks like she's blinking in time w/ the song)


-Bling Bling the Panda (star of Max's award-winning short from SDAFF)

Lookin forward to the rest!

"Chancho, when you are a man, sometimes you make music videos in your room... it's for fun."

  • Max, aka Maximus aka The Mystery Parade aka Inkling aka half of the Saturday Afternoon Hungarian Lunch Club
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