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Taiwan Sony Tvc

HEY wow remember the blog i posted while back with alot of goofey picture? okay well when ever was there any picture of me not being or looking goofey in them.? normal... pictures.... not modeling. =P


but yeah finally got the ppl to send me my tvc from taiwan from like july... lol and today was the first time i got to see it my self! =D even when it was aired in taiwan i never got to see it.. but every body in taiwan was telling me about it so pissed me off... always would be watching the wrong channel at the wrong time.... haha

sonny ericsson

enjoy =]


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Photo 52524
oh,,,now i know,,,is you,,, i saw this tvc in taipei alot of times!!!! good job~~ and how are you? im in hk and start to working now...^^ take care~~and hope meet you soon~
over 12 years ago
Photo 37580
Heh hey Jack, good video.
over 12 years ago
Photo 38281
lol such a typical chinese persons english name huh? jack...... jjjjjjjjjjuuuuhhhhaaaaaaaaaack ha
over 12 years ago
Jayson 93 2
Great job Jack.....I mean Quinn! :)
over 12 years ago
Photo 22991
over 12 years ago
Photo 37580
Haha yeah that's what I thought when I first saw it. I was wondering if they used it cuz it's a "cool" English name. Or if they used it cuz you don't look quite full Chinese so they used it to bridge that gap heh.
over 12 years ago
Photo 37580
Jean's dirty hehe jk. And Ms. S...tsk tsk heh
over 12 years ago
Chungtsang 5b chungtsang
yeah, good job Jack
over 12 years ago
Very cool!
over 12 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Looking good duuude!
over 12 years ago
Photo 38281
lol i guess jack shall be my secret identity from now on! ;D the young taiwanese big shot... for sony... hand phones... and laptops? ha had a friend ask how many phones i get to keep... answer to that every one is NADA! keep on dreaming... sure there will be a day when i do a job they will actually let mekeep the product =P
over 12 years ago
Photo 33193
I love it!
over 12 years ago


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