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Dumb ass... ME!

I think my quit 24herbs blog was so good, fool so many peoples then u know what? Is time for me to pay back! It's truly Disaster!!!

I was editing our lifestyle program 'Taste 24' and i need a new version to present tomorrow, it goes smooth at the beginning but an hour later it CRASH! I can't open the final cut pro again! WHAT...??? So i call Eddie for help, he said don't do anything just go get a new hard drive to back up first, so i went yesterday and i got a new drive ( it was pretty cool and 1TB just for $2500HKD so damn cheap! I bough my old one was 500G it cost $3000!) Anyway i try to back up two hours ago then it doesn't work...FUCK! So i call Eddie again then he will help me out to repair the old one tomorrow,if he can't fix it ... oh man i will lost everything, like all the videos i did, all the 'Taste 24' episodes! And i have nothing to present ! This is the worst case man!

So i am strongly recommend you all if u are working with computer, back up twice a week at lease!

Don't be a dumb ass like ME!

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Dude, this always happens at the worst times... One time I was recording a song for Alan, and we covered my hard drive with a blanket so it wouldn't make too much noise, and it overheated. So Adrian told me to put it in the freezer... And it ended up working again.. It happened again and I took it to this mac repair guy in Winsor House in Causeway Bay. Sometimes those guys can fix it, when no one else can..
about 16 years ago
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I've got a couple of pretty hardcore drive recovery programs and would be happy to take a look at it? Although if it's a hardware failure, there's not much hope OR it'll just be expensive to recover.
about 16 years ago
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do you have maybe just the FCP project file somewhere else? if you do, at least you could just redigitize the media for the time being to work on it... as for your old videos... did you make some Quicktime files / DVDs to send out to people before? so that you at least have something left? that is the worst scenario.... now you got me all scared... am copying my feature project file to another drive... right now! as my friend always say... sending you editing fairies to help you.... and Eddie has magic fingers... i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
about 16 years ago
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yeah, i am never as good as i should be w/ backing up... especially with all the stuff on my laptop, i am worried about dropping it or it getting stolen one day, and I'm SCREWED! i assume you still have the DV tapes at least, right?
about 16 years ago
Thanks Guys! Hopefully can fix it.
about 16 years ago



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