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Banksy in town!

I am so freaking exciting right now... exciting like a 3yrs old kid first time taste ice-cream!  My No.1 top favorite street artist Banksy will have a show at Hong Kong Art Centre! Oh My God... honestly i am pretty sure he will not show up of course even he show up you won't find out cuz he will put make up on! But i am so exciting to go to see the show! just read a paper said right now he is some kind of hottest artist in the world and peoples start invest street art more than antique! Pop art becoming very pop now! Andy Warhol rest in peace!  For more details: http://www.hypebeast.com/2008/04/banksy-robs-hong-kong And the other artist Damien Hirst he is really fucking cool too!  好嘢!好嘢!唔去呀笨喇! The best timing cuz Kit Hui the director just send me the book Banksy-Wall and Piece last month! wakakakakakakakaka.....! Kit, Thanks again!


He finally update his website lar ( of course not him la but business doing bigger and bigger, no matter how street and underground u are, $$$=EVIL! )  just hope he won't go too commercial.


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arhhhh.... i'm so friggin' jealous!! i missed his exhibition in London cause i was in HK, and now i have to miss it again!! make sure you bring that book and have him sign it for you :P
about 16 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
That's so sick! I love Banksy! Gotta to check it out for sure.
about 16 years ago
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People like Banksy have no choice but to become commercial - whether they want to or not!! Marketing & advertising designers have been ripping off underground graphics for decades so the only way to remain ahead of the commercialisation is to continually change your style. Which he hasn't (as far as I'm aware). Will check his art out when it's in HK. I've seen his work on the net for a long time, maybe its more engaging when seen close-up :)
about 16 years ago
Paulinec 1a img 1269
LOVE BANKSY... F*&^%#$ LOVE Banksy!
about 16 years ago
Djuniss 52 djuniss
meet at show ya :)
about 16 years ago



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