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德豪 張

Hong Kong,Macau,Cambodia,Australia and China

I 've been stay at several places/countries? in da past few months. Felt a bit like a backpacker haha.I do have a HOME. At Hong Kong, I just moved in my new apartment a week ago.However,most of packed stuffs still in box.Im sure my dog(CHILI)is very satisfy to living here. Although,he might feel alone when I was not at this new home with him in da past few days。。。。Of course, I were at    Pimpin Aint Easy x Party haha  Chili and his own sofa bedBut He seems love mine oneSweet Dream ChiliAt Macau,projects and jobs done smoothly such as Macau Grand Prix, Mocha Club 's TVC producing.,shooting ....etc....and ....haha cubic opening was fun. 1st day Macau Grand Prix Oh...Nice Aston Martin morepitF3 ar.....Vinci Wong,Ray Chan, Tak Ho me and Maria Chen @ Macau Crown's Event Maria+MeShooting & producing ...mocha 's TVC Macau Yessss.. Im wating...Printart Our Crews and indoor setting. Specially Thanks: Ray, Howard, Rick T+Me Fun time  Cubic Macau. Amanda Kai Kor AnaAt Cambodia for the film shooting location + funOh..HelloJust got up and rushing at Beijing,Sleepy me.  Lunch Chili Pork+more全北京 向上看, OK

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And Happy BD

  HAPPY BirthDay And ,wish And get stronger & stronger and keep Rockin . I didn't make it IN time of the Press Con but Im sure it was great.However,im IN time to drunk and having fun with my bros and Sissss.Cheers. Me @D 1 Me@ D 2 Me @ T Me @ drew kor Me@ Ding Ding Me@ Old Fd JUN

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Covermark - City Spotlight Party

In Fact , I never been use covermark's products before. Here's a chance to let me try them out c if they fits me..haha. But Normally I only do the make up in one case ---- photo shooting.

Thanks covermark anyways.

Test my LGU990 @Elieen童愛玲with no fresh light


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The 27th Hong Kong Film Awards Presentation Ceremony 2008

Haven't been update my blog at least 2 months.In these 2 months after the "Pok Oi"charity show which I hosted,I've been busy on 1 movie and 1 TV drama 's preparations,wish can move smoothly on the up coming days. At the same period ,I also shuttled around China,Macau and HK for fews performing shows and as a guest of events.Felt a bit rush and tired but Im sure I 'll share all photos on what I done in these 2 months as soon as I can. Then on tonite, a rush day again just came back from China IN time. Otherwise might miss out how great  on HK Film Awards Presentation Ceremony tonite. Congratulations the big winner -----"the Warlords" such a huge and a great movie. Im also happy that the moive which I played a part in at last year ---- "Kidnap" in the nominate list of Best Actress, Im happy for Rene Liu such a great actress,to be honored been acting with her. Anyways Lets post some photos   On the Red Carpet Stage Opening Invatation backdropssssss

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31/1 出席了香港美髮美容商會與懲教署合辦的活動  "更生計劃之美麗人生"此計劃是香港美髮美容商會特 別給囚人仕提供髮型及美甲課程 , 日後提供就業機會, 待她們再踏入社會時可以積極面對人生 ..

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多謝大家 Thanks All

最近為左博愛 MY POK OI HOSPITAL PROJECT好多鎖碎慨事要跟進, 當然忙係一件好事,希望大家多多支持 及捐贈

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A meaningful project on my hand after my Bday, pls give your support . This is a charity project, what I need to do is collecting used/new clothes and stuffs from Artistes who at Hong Kong and have a  "Artistes' stuffs charity Auction" to rasie a funds for POK OI HOSPITAL. The Auction days on 28th Feb to 2nd March 2008 at APM Mall Clothes/Stuffs Donation period:  Anytime from now on till 13th Feb 2008. Please drop me a lines or send me a contact  as here (my alive blog) I will contact all of u and drive up directly to pick up All donation stuffs. Need your kindly support, Thanks so much.Happy new year

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Bday Gift

星期日16 Dec除左係我尊敬嘅前輩阿Sam嘅演唱會外亦都係小弟我慨生日 My Birthday,

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不拍不拍,還是拍了 Shooting or Not ? Go for it


在此我要多謝所有留言支持的朋友, Thanks so much & For sure my Lucky "She" !!

Been through such a Large production's experience + little pity, Really like o shut myself up for a while at home or studio.... picking up a gutiar and piano ...composing some songs...arranging some music...then calls rang......"Hey...Tak Ho....hows ur scheduke?....Shoot it or not?... Like to pull it off...just felt like still not back in order yet....But for sure I go for it,  Thats my job and I do it for living... shouldn't affect by my own emotions

I really thanks to all friends who left me a comments and supports.Thanks so Mcuh

For sure my Lucky"she"  




Busy on Lighting stuffzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Letz check Play back

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最近訓覺時成日都發夢...當中有惡夢亦有 好開心既美夢... 有些人話夢係同現實相反地發生,有些人話夢係曰有所思,夜有所夢..... 亦都可能係燥熱才成曰發夢.... 訓醒了便忘記


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