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Hooray Super Brits! ... Amazing 16 x Golds

China have done so well in achieving 43 x Golds (with 10 more competition days to go) .... but the real "over-achievers" at these games are the Brits, sitting on an amazing haul of 16 x Golds, as of the end of  today .... Coming into these games the only "safe" Gold they were expected to win, was in the Triple Jump with Philips Idowu .... .. for which he has not even won yet!

With Idowu waiting to compete in his Triple Jump finals on Thursday,  his compatriots have sensationally delivered...Read more

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Women's Tennis - China : 2 x Golds?

As some of u guys know, I'm a bit of a tennis geek ......and an underdogs lover too ....

GO GO GO ....... for double GOLD!  -- China's Women's Tennis ..... LOVE CHINA!

China are in the semi-finals in both the Women's Doubles (Zheng Jie & Yan Zi) and  amazingly in the Singles (Li Na) too!

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria ...

Just digged out some pics of me and Master G from a couple of years ago, visiting Neuschwanstein Castle, Mad King Ludwig's "Castle in the Clouds" in Bavaria, just outside the town of Fussen, Germany.

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Oh L'Amour - Erasure!

I was kindly invited to watch the new X-Files movie on opening nite (thank u Irene) at Times Sq. Myself not really being a die-hard Scully & Mulder fanatic, actually i was quite surprised how much i enjoyed it ......  a low-budget TV-movie style produced flick, it had its moments of tension, spooks and still had a movie-ending that keeps the die-hard fans pondering the possible existence of the paranormal .... let alone if another X-Files sequel is to come or dare i say a new TV series being spawned .... Duchovney and his dry hu...Read more

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"Quiet, Anus!"

saw the Dark Knight on thursday nite .... an entertaining two and half hours, surprising didn't seem long ..... Heath Ledger's portrayal as the Joker is just as memorable, twisted and spine-chilling as Nicholson's ...... Best Supporting Actor Oscar favorite already - great performance!

just watched Harold & Kumar - Escape from Guantanamo Bay ..... it's falling off ur chair hilarious stuff, if like me you don't mind the explicit politically incorrect humor at its most base level ......... racist, drugs,...Read more

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Club MIX, Beijing - Wudi & Pat

requsting to check-out Beijing's most happening "young" clubs in Gongti ..... Wudi on Wednesday night took this middle-aged tubsters to Club MIX and Vic's - the hippest two clubs in town at present ... loadsa cute cute young chicks on view throughout the evening, had this fatboy in serious drooling mode all night long ....

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北京出租車 (Beijing Taxi) .... i will miss U!

before my current stint living here a wee while, i had previously visited Beijing 4 or 5 times on short biz trips during the past decade and hadn't been a fan of the taxis here (they seemed old, tattered, with no air-con and seemingly always coupled with rude incoherent drivers) ..... that was until this time round .... the huge improvements in the last year or so have been quite phenomenal .... all-in-all now, in terms of valu...Read more

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Wimbledon - just ain't fun watching anymore ....

it's Wimbledon day2 tonight (i don't enjoy watching it like i use to in my younger days - when i was transfixed to the TV for two weeks solid evey June)..... maybe it's just me getting longer in the tooth, now just pining and reminiscing for the good 'ole days of  yesteryears past .....

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My kitties .... Montgomery & Tiffani ^o.o^

i have missed my cats so much whilst i've been in Beijing ...... thanks to my friends May & Erica who have helped me look after Monty (white/boy) & Tiffi (tortoise-shell/girl) for the last few months ....

Pappy will home soon kitties .......

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NEW .... KFC King Prawn Burger ...

NEW king prawn burger rolled out across China by KFC in the last couple of weeks .... scrumptious!

the advertising ....

the real thing ....

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