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Hengdian with Master Gordon - The Abbot

A few snaps from couple months ago shooting in Hengdian with Master Gordon featuring  as the The Abbott in RZA's upcoming movie The Man With The Iron Fists ... it was rather cold and frosty, but we enjoyed noshing at some great local regional restaurants along Hengdian main street, slowly sampling throughout the week or so we stayed there ...

Big Platter Muslim Stewed Chicken (above) / Natural Steamed Muslim Goat (below)

Local delicacy Soy Braised Pork Knuckles

Korean BBQ perfect for an icy day ...

the original Spaghetti Bolognaise that Marco Polo took back to Italy ... good ole 炸酱面

Lamb Hotpot with two Kung Fu Flick legends - Master G & Chen Kuan Tai ...

From how many movies do you recognise this temple on the side of a mountain?

RZA gifts to Master G a guitar as a momento ...

Big thank you to handsome Mike Leeder from Master Gordon & myself ... he knows what for ...


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not quite as good as 60 McNuggets...
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yikes! i'd be afraid to get too close to that railing...
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rock on Master G!
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
man that food looks good!
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How does goat taste in comparison to, say, sheep (mutton)?
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So good to see old pals catching up. Love CKT in Gallants and hope Master G will also get a chance for a movie like that. Perhaps another real kungfu movie??
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good to see everyone had a great feast!!
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Img 9226
nice photo's! You in town?
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