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Me, Optimus and Louis Koo!

AnD Folks,

Here is an article in Guh Tein Lok's (Louis Koo) new book called "Toys Battle". Him and his crew came over to the Garage Works Studio and watched me do some illustrations of Optimus Prime. Anyways - check it out, if you can't read chinese sorry guys!

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Music Video - Juno/SoftHard

Hey AnD Folks,

Check out some of my work on this new music video for Juno/SoftHard on KanYe West's personal blog:


To find out more please head out to an HMV where you can pick up a copy. I designed all the characters, vehicles, props and backgrounds...Read more

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Get off our MOON!!

Here is a quick digital painting I did from an artbook that I am putting together - of a US Astronaught in 2019 who has entered ET "Grey" terrirtory - also known as Moon Base 5. This is a shot of of a human landing on the moon once again and visitors from outer space who just well... don't want us around.


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Ancient Art - Chapter.1

Hey everyone!

It has been quite a relaxing vacation so far - but ofcourse like most artists we love what we do so still working crazy and being creative constantly. While my brother and were watching some interesting youtube videos and catching up on Tudors (which is an awesome show by the way if you haven't seen it), I felt the need to visit some old artwork that I haven't seen for some time now.

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Rest in Peace - Michael Turner

AnD Folks,

I just found out through one of my friends that a dear friend of mine just passed away - one of the most incredible comic artists I've ever known - Michael Turner, who has been facing Cancer since 2000.

His work has inspired us all as artists and has always been wonderful to everyone, to his fans, family and friends. I am still in shock from finding this out - does break my heart that this has happened. He was strong in fighting his Cancer, you will be missed dear friend...

Here is an arti...Read more

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Woah! I'm how OLD?? @_@

Hey Everyone,

Well it's been a nice little vacation so far spending time with family here in Toronto - it's only been a week and it seems like time is flying by so quickly. Here are some recent pictures while I have been in Toronto ;)


My aunt and Uncle came by for a day to Toronto, my cousin came a...Read more

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From Shaw Studios to the T dot O!!

And Ninja Clan,

So before leaving back to Toronto for a little while - I thought I'd share some photos of our team checking out the space at Shaw Studios - it wasn't the first time but since we had some guests swing by Hong Kong we headed to check out some sightings.

Check out how huge these spaces were - you can pretty much film anything in here - you can green screen th entire thing, shoot movies or music videos here. Check it out.

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Off to Toronto :)

AnD Folks,

Well - I'm finally leaving Asia and heading back to Toronto. I'm really looking forward to seeing family and friends - and can't wait to see adorable dogs! I'm really looking forward to seeing my brother's kids - I'm sure they have grown up alot! It will be a nice little vacation and ofcourse looking forward to spending sometime downtown as well. Funny thing is - I even miss the simple things like Dominion (grocery store), Silver City (theatre) and WallMart! LOL!

Will blog soon! :)

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"Vacation Animation"

AnD Troopers,

Finally I got a chance to visit Singapore. Yup - it was my first time going and I had a ton of fun -- even though it was only for 2 days. The only cr@p thing I went through was some n@rsty food on the plane which made me pretty sick. So - here are some pictures from my 2 day travel to Singapore:

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Birthday wishes & new AnD Bands!

AnD Folks,

Well I'm off to Singapore tomorrow and it should be quite exciting. I'm looking forward to the awesome food, nice hotel, room service (lol) and more - I will be taking alot of pictures while I am there and bringing my SUPER camera with me so it should be interesting. Before leaving - we got a chance to celebrate Daphinator's birthday!! It was suppose to be a suprise but errr... I don't think it went all that well in terms of keeping it a secret! However-  we still managed to have a BlaST...Read more

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