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MCL & Intercontinental Animations

Hey everyone,

Here are a few animations I directed for MCL and Intercontinental that can be seen in the theatres before you watch a movie in the cinemas. Thanks to the animation crew who sweated blood in dealing with my details and direction - you guys rock! Here are the videos:

Video: Intercontinental Film Distribution


This first one was for Intercontinental Film Distributio...Read more

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Blank Subject

Please visit PLP's other affiliated websites:

www.patleegallery.com www.DeepSkyPictures.com <...Read more

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And Folks,

It's been awhile since I last posted. Here's my update -- After finish Directing the animations for MCL and Intercontinental we had to hop over to Shaw Studios to do some color lab testing and some minor editing. It always amazes me everytime I go there. The place is just gigantic - I look like a little Star Wars figure in a play set.

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Welcome to the PLP Blog

Welcome to Pat Lee Production's official blog. Here you will find the most updated information on news, products and current events. If you are interested in partnering, collaborating or hiring PLP, you may contact us at the email linkage below. Welcome and ...Read more

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3D Animation testing/Comic Books

Sup Folks,

Past 4 days have been quite busy specially working on this new comic book project. A few months ago I directed and co-produced 3 animation shorts. 2 logos and and a policy trailer for MCL theatre. We tested them out this week on the big screen and it's always great to see my work shown on the big screen. Here are a few pictures from the animations -- you'll see them in all MCL theatres when you watch a movie here on in. Peace --

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One Republic, Esprit, MTV Party!

AnD Folks,

Ok here goes a load of pictures cause I haven't done one of these long picture blogs for a long time. So - I made it my mission to take some good pictures. Check it out:


                 Off to see One Republic. Exciting. ;)

     <...Read more

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How about I kick your @*$#%!! Put it back up!

                                                        Vacation art... Click to enlarge.






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Dancing Glow Worm! @_@

                              Does anyone remember an old toy called the Glow Worm?


Well, I've never seen one dance before but apparently last night while I was joining my friends at Racks yesterday - I saw one there check it out:

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Transform and ROLL OUT!!!!!!

Hey Folks,

Here is some new artwork that I illustrated for Hasbro while I was on my semi-vacation. Some are just layouts and some final lineart art pieces. Sorry mates -- none in color. Special thanks to Hasbro for giving me permission to show these on my blog:


Here is a quick Optimu...Read more

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