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Ancient Art - Chapter.1

Hey everyone!

It has been quite a relaxing vacation so far - but ofcourse like most artists we love what we do so still working crazy and being creative constantly. While my brother and were watching some interesting youtube videos and catching up on Tudors (which is an awesome show by the way if you haven't seen it), I felt the need to visit some old artwork that I haven't seen for some time now.


Sneaking a picture of my bro glued to the monitor!

So - off I went downstairs and found a few portfolios. Some alot older - but lets show a recent one first - most of these are photocopies but I had some original pieces of art.


Here is I belive a Portfolio that I started using back in 2001. It has some recent art in it and some old photocopies of Transformers art pages in it. Lets open it and find out what's in it!


Ahh! Here are some designs I did for "BLADE" the animated tv series - which MTV didn't give the green to my client at that time - so now I can show them. I actually had alot of fun working on these as we tried many differen styles to suit the storyline and the direction that MTV wanted.


Here are some old Superman/Batman pages of the very first one I did with writer Jeph Loeb. This was prize winning comic I did for DC working with my favorite writer and my favorite character in comics - Batman. I think almost every single comic artist's dream is to draw Batman at some point in there career - so I was very honored to do it.


Here is a close up shot of th pencils. These pages are still in pencil form because these wre sketches that I decided not to use in the book. I believe I used part of itin another layout - but put this particular piece aside for some reason.


Here are some pages from Transformers Armada - but these are just photocopies of the raw pencils. I believe these images were done in 2004, only 4 years ago.


As I was digging out for some of my artwork - I found this... VOLTON toy! Does anyone have this at home? Haha - it's so ancient it's collected a whole ton of dust - but still in mint condition. They should make a movie on this and if someone doesn't get the license, I think I will!

Stay tuned for my next blog as I open up an ancient portfolio dating back 18 years ago - which will be a very heavy blog! It's exciting to find my old artwork dating back that long ago because you can see such a drastic chage in style. Miss all my friends in Hong Kong and hope everyone is doing well.



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...and I'll form the HEAD!!! I want~! LOL
over 15 years ago
Photo 33405
It's always interesting to look back on old work... I used to love drawing for fun when I was a lot younger, so my dad has kept all my old drawings and recently showed some of them to me. It's great to see them again and think "wow, I drew THAT?"... haha
over 15 years ago
Transformers ~~!!!!
over 15 years ago
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wow, a rare look into the work history... voltron - yes, do it!
over 15 years ago
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ps - you can finally come up with a good answer to the question 'where does the sword come from'
over 15 years ago
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doh, the guy from NERD is making it - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltron_(2008_film)#Film_adaptation
over 15 years ago
hmmmm...... original artwork.... hmmmm..... give to Phil.... hmmmmmm
over 15 years ago
Mylovepuzzle ef mylovepuzzle
over 15 years ago
Photo 34128
Thanks man. Remember Micronauts?
over 15 years ago
Photo 23160
Thanks for all the comments everyone!
over 15 years ago


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