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AnD Troopers,

Finally I got a chance to visit Singapore. Yup - it was my first time going and I had a ton of fun -- even though it was only for 2 days. The only cr@p thing I went through was some n@rsty food on the plane which made me pretty sick. So - here are some pictures from my 2 day travel to Singapore:


                Errr... Even laptops need safety. It's got all my favorite company stickers on it!


                                   Me and Lloyd chillin - holy frick it was COLD on the plane.


Alright! It's time to hop off the plane and get rid of this narsty stomach pain I have! And - Thank you fo flying Cathay Pacific" Haha!!


So we checked into our hotel rooms and I konked out for awhile - ok stomach feeling a tad bit better. We went to a late lunch meeting. DAMN this place is ridiculouslyCLEAN compared to most cities I've been to. Everything was spic and span and oh by the way - you CANNOT chew gum in Singapore. They are known for there strict laws and NO butting on the floor! They have very serious fines if you break the law.


This street cat was super friendly. He kept following me for awhile. Ok - this town is freakin me out - this place reminds me of DisneyLand or rather something similar to the Sony Pictures Lot in Hollywood - haha!


                    The Lobby of the Hotel I stayed in called the Majestic which is over-rated.


Next day we hopped into a fairy that took us to Indonesia - where the animation studio was. The weather was unforgivingly hot but everything else made up for it. ;)


                                                                      Self explanatory photo. @_--


After 45 minutes we arrived on the Island and can I say Dang nicholi!! I couldn't believe there was a media company here on an Indonesian Resort. Way cool.


After our meetings and visitation to the Animation studio - I was asked if I could take a picture with the whole animation crew. I had no idea that my comics reached all the way to Singapore/ Indonesia. Cool!


And here is the current team that is working with me on a few of animation projects that I'm Directing. As soon as we complete them and get the green light - I will post it on AnD. ;) Directing Animation is extremely fun whether it's green screening on live or 100% 3D.  The best is adding sound/music composition when the animation is done.


DOPE!! Time to head back to town - enough fun for one day but we gotta catch the boat back to the big city.


                 Well, Indonesia was hella fun! I just wished that we could have stayed longer.



                                      Yes Dinner time!! Far right is Craig and his wife.


                    On the restaurant guestbook I signed in with an Optimus Prime. @_@


HAhah!! I love this picture. I caught this woman folding her arms angry at me because she thought I took her spot. Sorry lady - this chair is mine. Well - short ride, was only 3 hours back to HK.

Well that's a wrap for my trip to Singapore. Time to head back to Hong Kong.


Coming back to Hong Kong was nice - seeing good friends on a Saturday night. But I doubt the weather in Hong Kong could beat Singapore!! All in all --  I give Singapore two thumbs UP!! Definately my kinda place!





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Photo 22998
So - how would you rank the major cities you've been to all over the Asian Continent?
almost 15 years ago
Photo 33405
your first trip to SG? glad u had a good time. i just blogged about my first trip there recently too. that animation studio island looks pretty cool!
almost 15 years ago
nice, good to see you had time to rest after our adventurous nights. get ready...here it comes again. Get your Tapping shoes on~! It's time to DANCE!
almost 15 years ago
Photo 38281
yup singapore is a big shocker once you get there for the first time. but all in all yes its a nice place. and agreeded with hk weather being crappy right now... haha
almost 15 years ago
Photo 58618
Yup, still the same cat, I believe. Quite friendly one. Used to work at Frameworks and pet him every time I'd go to 7 eleven.
almost 15 years ago


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