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GREY Aliens Illustration

And Folks,

Here is a concept  illustration I did some time ago of a "Grey". There are many different versions out there of this specific ET - but I combined a few different versions that are currently out there. For this particular piece I created my own brush in Photoshop - which is why it looks more like a canvas type painting from far. This piece took about 30 minutes - it's more speed painting then anything else. Hmm what is that black wierd stuff coming out of his ears. Well - be imaginative! ;)

If you don't know what a Grey is here is how we can define it:

Inufology, Greys, also known as Roswell aliens, Zetas, and Reticulians, arealiensorextraterrestrial life formsthat appear in purported modern-day encounters and otherUFO-relatedparanormalphenomena. Said to be one of several species of aliens, greys make up approximately 75 percent of all aliens reported in theUnited States, 20 percent of all aliens reported inContinental Europe, and 12 percent of all aliens reported inGreat Britain.


Well - I'm off to a a few meetings then heading over to the Diesel grand opening. It's going to be a long day today @_@!! I haven't dosed on Starbucks for awhile - I think I'm going to stop by there today and grab a nice cup of coffee. ;) Have a good morning AND night everyone!!


I will be heading back to Toronto middle of next month to hang out with family - unfortunately due to my busy schedule I wasn't able to make it back few weeks ago - so I can't wait to see my little nephews and be with old friends. Here is a picture of me and my brothers son - isn't he adorable? You look just like pappa.


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Photo 73042
cool painting.>
almost 16 years ago
Photo 33427
dope as always man
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23160
Haha YES! I am a very proud uncle!
almost 16 years ago
Li tong 2014 2 photo by fion cao
I just got back from Starbucks, had a nice skinny blueberry muffin! My sister had been thinking of getting a pen tablet, then when she saw your blog about it, she was convinced and immediately got one too! She's lovin' it! ;) xox
almost 16 years ago
Photo 36468
the black stuff flowing out is a great touch! you can write another story about "it" now with that detail.
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23160
Noway really? Got a link dude?
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23329
is that hair coming out of his ears ? whatever ... it slooks good .. luff your work ar !
almost 16 years ago
Photo 38345
Yo Pat, wassuup my friend. hows life treating you over there? i am bored with thailand.. eh contemplating my next move.. hope all is well and talk soon me
almost 16 years ago
Pat,this is amazing. Damn dude.!
almost 16 years ago
Prodipleung 6a prodipleung
Nice Works Dude !
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23160
For thos who would like to find out more about Alien Races check out this site, it's very interesting: http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/alien_races.html
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23160
Thanks! - I want to do an art exhibit on all the different types of Extra Terrestials. There are many different classes of the GREY. Based on my research - they are not here for friendly purposes.
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23160
Thanks for all your comments on this blog everyone!! :D
almost 16 years ago


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