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Sup Folks,

We will be launching a new website on March 30th which is www.patleecreative.com. The site will showcase much of my artwork as I will be updating it on a weekly basis and will share with everyone the details of some of the projects that we have been developing - including work progress, new products and NEWS. It's exciting to develop this site and have it finally come out as it mostly revolves around my artwork and all my collabs - which has been very exciting so far.

The next site we are building for an April release is www.patleeproductions.com which I am completely revamping. I've been designing this site back and forth and it's been awhile until I've gotten the design to where I want it to be. Haha and yes - it deals with alot of UFO stuff - which I love!Here are some doodle color sketches I did.This one I plan to make a T Shirt out of sometime. I like the dull but rough look to the whole piece. The suttle pink glooming over a very dull skull.This one has an interesting Matrix style look to it. The teeth on the bottom look more like a reflection then the lower teeth. Like the skull is placed hovering over reflective black glass.I like this bio scan style skull like you can see inside the bone. Here the lace of the brain is more prominent and the teeth look like the tip of a used cigarette butt.This was the original which I worked off of. For some reason I liked the concept of mixing lightning pink with skulls. When I played with it in Photoshop it gave me all kinds of different colors which I thought was cool.Here I was just playing around with some textures and brush tools. Textures tend to give this spitting effect when layered onto a painting. This piece took around 15 minutes to do.Been busy working my @rse off and not getting much sleep! Yikes - but busy is good so I'm glad. So much I wish I could share but we will reveal in due time. 

Anyways - I'm looking forward to hitting Toronto to see my family early April and when I come back to Asia I will be heading to Japan and Singapore for business.

Wishing everyone continued success.


Pat Lee |各位,

3月30日我們即將啟動一個新網站,地址是 www.patleecreative.com 。這個網站將展示我的大量作品,並每周更新。我會與各位分享一些正在做的事情的進展情況 - 包括工作進度、新產品和新聞等。建這個網站讓我很興奮,它終於囊括了我幾乎所有的藝術作品和出版物 - 目前為止都很棒。

我們正在建的下一個網站是 www.patleeproductions.com ,即將於四月發布全新版本。我反反復復設計這個網站,直到它變成我想要的樣子。哈哈,是的 - 采用了我最愛的 UFO 素材 - 我的最愛!

這是一些我信手畫的彩色素描塗鴉。這個我準備將來印上T恤。我喜歡它的晦暗,但整體看起來又有野性。亮粉色隱約覆蓋在呆板的頭骨上。這個有著趣味矩陣風格。底部的牙齒看起來更像是下頜牙的反影,頭骨就像掛在反光黑色玻璃上面。我喜歡這個掃描風格的頭骨,似乎能看到骨頭裏面。這個大腦邊緣更加凸顯,牙齒看起來經常叼煙屁。這個是我最初完成的作品。因為某種原因,我喜歡將閃粉色與頭骨結合的想法。當我用photoshop 軟件修改時,我嘗試了所有能想到的最酷的顏色。這裏我只是運用了塗抹與筆刷工具。塗抹是為了創造出在作品上分層時噴出的效果,這一幅花了15分鐘。

一直忙著工作,幾乎不能睡覺! 呀 - 但是忙總歸是好的,所以我很高興。希望可以分享更多,但還是等恰當的時機吧。

無論如何 - 期待著4月初回多倫多和家人的團聚,接著回到亞洲,去日本和新加坡工作。


和平! Pat Lee |各位,

3月30日我们即将启动一个新网站,地址是 www.patleecreative.com 。这个网站将展示我的大量作品,并每周更新。我会与各位分享一些正在做的事情的进展情况 - 包括工作进度、新产品和新闻等。建这个网站让我很兴奋,它终于囊括了我几乎所有的艺术作品和出版物 - 目前为止都很棒。

我们正在建的下一个网站是 www.patleeproductions.com ,即将于四月发布全新版本。我反反复复设计这个网站,直到它变成我想要的样子。哈哈,是的 - 采用了我最爱的 UFO 素材 - 我的最爱!

这是一些我信手画的彩色素描涂鸦。这个我准备将来印上T恤。我喜欢它的晦暗,但整体看起来又有野性。亮粉色隐约覆盖在呆板的头骨上。这个有着趣味矩阵风格。底部的牙齿看起来更像是下颌牙的反影,头骨就像挂在反光黑色玻璃上面。我喜欢这个扫描风格的头骨,似乎能看到骨头里面。这个大脑边缘更加凸显,牙齿看起来经常叼烟屁。这个是我最初完成的作品。因为某种原因,我喜欢将闪粉色与头骨结合的想法。当我用photoshop 软件修改时,我尝试了所有能想到的最酷的颜色。这里我只是运用了涂抹与笔刷工具。涂抹是为了创造出在作品上分层时喷出的效果,这一幅花了15分钟。

一直忙着工作,几乎不能睡觉! 呀 - 但是忙总归是好的,所以我很高兴。希望可以分享更多,但还是等恰当的时机吧。

无论如何 - 期待着4月初回多伦多和家人的团聚,接着回到亚洲,去日本和新加坡工作。



Pat Lee

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Photo 63271
Looking forward to seeing more of your work on these sites.
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Photo 52064
Thanks for sharing many of your works, they are really interesting and cool! And... wow! you'll come to Japan?! Great! =D
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 38310
Congratulations! you will launch new web site!! Awesome! I'm waiting for your visiting Japan!!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Redgate profile
oooh, very cool and great simple clean layout design, but still intriguing!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 303052
love this page!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 247143
its so cool!!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Jayson 93 2
That's great news Pat! Hopefully in April Toronto won't be so cold! :)
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 43147
Looking forward to your site. congratulations in advance! Regards.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 68906
sweet, I am remaking my site too and man~ its not easy..
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 1410
awesome stuff!! can't wait for more! urgh...why stop at singapore...step further down to malaysia as well!! lol...take good care and keep it up!!!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Default avatar
Awesome congrats Pat looking forward to seeing more, and have a lovely trip in April.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 31055
Fabulous stuffs you got going on Pat. Congrats on the launch!!!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 317375
Wow!! I can't wait to see the new website it sounds really cool and then you re-vamp the other site sounds like great stuff!! Plus I am psyched you will be sharing more of your creative works- thank you!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 23799
i like the blend of colours in this one.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 42829
wow ... glad to know that ... pls also take care & God bless ....
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 272213
WOW! i love this! it was darn cool!!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Great stuff man!! I can't wait to see the new site. Take care.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 317375
I think this would be a wicked tight pix for a hoodie!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 43083
This one would make an AWESOME T-shirt ^^
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 43083
Have a safe and fun trip to Toronto when you go there, Pat! :)
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 31055
I would love this on my t-shirt. I love how it glow but still has that raw look in it.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 41067
wOw i lOve tHis ^^
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
look nice!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 37973
expect for the sites.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 206460
This looks Cool !!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 114730
Awesome work.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 5614
awesome... looking forward to seeing the websites... =)
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
I love "listening" to you talk about your work. Your plans for certain pieces, the reasons why you like certain colors and combinations... Makes me feel less alone in this world... lol! Only creatives talk that way...and don't look at you like you've got lobsters crawling out of your ears when you do :P Looking forward to the new sites. Take care Pat :)
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
I'll be in town soon, let's meet up, lots to talk about brotha~ Still haven't received the package. Hope it's not lost. but i'll be in soon, hope all is well. God bless!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
pretty cool!
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Paulinec 1a img 1269
ya been busy!!.. can't wait to see the new site! it will be worth the wait.
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 76965
i'm looking forword your new site~~~ 加油~~~
9 年多 ago | flag as spam
Photo 154385
looking good the colours of skulls! x
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