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Social Media Intern Wanted for French Taste Films!

French Taste Films HK Ltd is the production company behind the cross cultural comedy series "Mister French Taste®", starring Olivier Malet, Osric Chau and Sarah Lian.  Now in development on the show's second season, French Taste Films HK Ltd is looking for an energetic and motivated social media savvy individual who can contribute to expanding the social media presence of the company and the show.  If you already enjoy spending time on Facebook, this internship may be just right fo...Read more

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Indie Filmmaking Death Match: SHORT FILM vs. WEB SERIES!

"What should I make?  A short film or a web series?"

I get asked this question alot by budding filmmakers, and a recent discussion with a friend about the death of the film industry as we know it sparked me to hammer out some of my thoughts on this topic.  For the record, I've done both Read more

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Is there a road to happiness?

I'm not telling.  You'll have to see this gem of a film to find out.

26 Happiness Road is a beautifully told father-daughter story, starring Yung Yung Yu, Ren Jun Heng and Hui Qiang Wang.  The film is directed by Bill Chiu and shot and edited by Simon Young.  And yes, Read more

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Mister French Taste (played by Olivier Malet) is an etiquette coach who is faced with the challenge of a lifetime: transforming the unruly Leon into a perfectly groomed gentleman while at the same time, trying to steal the heart of Leon's sassy girlfriend Lily.  Watch Hong Kong and France collide in this hilarious comedy of manners!

Producer: Veronique Girma

Director: Jennifer Thym( ,Read more

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Grace Under Fire

We have been working tirelessly on getting my new action short film Bloodtraffick ready, including having our ultracool action choreographer and fellow AnD'er Philip Ng over for a very long rough cut review session this past week.  No matter how many times I watch the footage, I am always amazed by how great Grace Huang and Kirt Kishit...Read more

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LUMINA is named a Webby Award Official Honoree

It is our pleasure to announce that LUMINA the Web Series has been selected as an Official Honoree for the Best Editing category in The 14th Annual Webby Awards! Out of the nearly 10,000 entries from over 60 countries submitted to this year's Webby Awards, less than 15% are awarded the status of Official Hono...Read more

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The Loved Ones at HKIFF: Rising Twilight hunk, great 80's feel and a smashingly talented new director

For those who know me well, I haven't been out and about much in the first quarter of this year, mostly because I'm either traveling or working nonstop on a certain angels versus vampires action film.  ;)  More on that and on the other little film we shot in November starring Jason Tobin in my next update!

But I ...Read more

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Crew call for short action film (Hong Kong)

Hey everyone,

As some of you may have heard, we are shooting a short action film in Hong Kong next week!  I'm so excited to be working on this project with my fellow AnD'ers - more details when we actually have a free minute to breathe!!  :)  But suffice it to say that my wonderfully talented cinematographers from LUMINA are back in town and we're going to make a gorgeous film.  ;)  We have a few positions still open on our crew, so if y...Read more

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Auditions for the feature film JASMINE

This is your chance to be in the edgy psychological thriller Jasmine, starring Jason Tobin ( Better Luck Tomorrow), Eugenia Yuan ( Memoirs of a Geisha, Charlotte Sometimes) and Glen Chin ( 50 First Dates).  Written and directed by Hollywood screenwriter Read more

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This is your chance to be in the edgy psychological thriller , starring Jason Tobin ( ), Eugenia Yuan ( ) and Glen Chin ( ).  Written and directed by Hollywood screenwriter Dax Phelan, the film is produced by Read more

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Out for blood, baby! See BLOODTRAFFICK at Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival and Salty Horror International Film Festival in November! Join our Faceboo


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