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AliveNotDead Birthday Event!

AnD folks,

What a great time yesterday and glad to see everyone there -  First thing was signing the AnD board, I threw up a quick Optimus sketch with a gold pen. Oops, I only have a picture of half of it!


Wonder Twin Patrick was jumping to the crazy beats and Stephen was going a little nuts at the end as well - although still mild compare to Patrick LOL!! It was one fun night  - some of you I haven't seen in ages. For instance, I couldn't believe I bumped into one of my old old friends from Toronto Jovan, I haven't seen him in over a decade (to the right) - wow are we really that old now? (St.Roberts Highschool days)...


Daniel was walking around with his fake camera spraying everyone with it haha! I think he pretty much tricked everyone! It was good to see Fed from Diesel as well.


                                         Daniel Wu, Fed (Diesel), Danny Chau and Me


                                                    Jason, Luke and Me! SMile Guys!!

An hour later Lloyd and his cousin Richard stopped by to say hello and catch up with some old friends as well. Glad you guys were able to make it!!


Walking around I bumped into a much more tipsy Patrick and our good old friend Monica is back in town and stopped by the Alive Not Dead party. Ooops, sorry, I think I'm covering someone behind me!


                                                               Me, Monica and Patrick!


 Two wonderful photographers Burten and Ivy of AnD!! Man those cameras must have been so heavy carrying them throughout th night!

It was good to see some friends from AnD which I've never met before. Here is a picture of me and Yung Yung Yu. Check out her page on AnD!


                                                                          Me and Y3

Here is the triO artists - Shann shared her artwork with me and Andrew, she carried a little artbook with her to the event - lovely art Shann! Thanks for sharing with us!


                                                     Andrew, Me and Shann Larsson

Wishing AnD a Happy Birthday and look forward to the next one..uhm... In another year lol! It was alot of fun seeing 24 Herbs perform as well and the crowd was really hype! Congrats on an awesome event and stay tune for more AnD bloggin!

Pat Lee


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yoh! we gotta catch up! so many peeps last night didnt get a chance to chat with ya :( - xx
about 15 years ago
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too much going on!
about 15 years ago
was cool hanging with you and watching you draw optimus on the wall.... and thanks for the photo op dude. all the best in the weeks to come with ur heavy work load.
about 15 years ago
nice pics !!! i wish i could be there with u guys !!! u must be had alot fun !!! ADI
about 15 years ago
Photo 63849
saw you drawing that - nice! was great meeting you as ive said - love your drawings!
about 15 years ago
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The camera was a good workout. ;P Great seeing u at the party, it was a fun one! See u soon~
about 15 years ago


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