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A couple of events and a STILL broken bone

Hey there guys. I know it's been all quiet on here for a little while. But that's mostly because it's been really quiet over here for a while! Since my broken foot there really hasn't been a lot going on in Oli-land as I have been sitting around getting fat resting my foot in the hope that it will heal... which it is doing nicely. I even finally managed to get onto the elliptical machine today and FINALLY do some bloody cardio work.Oh sweet sweet cardio, How I have missed thee. Say goodbye to the mar...Read more

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Lots of fun and a broken bone

Hey there peoples.. it's been a busy couple of weeks for me... work, more work, a holiday, and broken bone and some more work... I know I haven't been on in a few weeks, but I haven't been around... and for a long time I didn't even have access to the internet..It all got started off with hosting Carrie Underwoods press conference here in Singapore.She came in to perform live on Orchard Road in celebration of the opening of Orchard Ion... the ridiculous new mall (though don't say mall to the people that own i...Read more

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More AXN, Ferrari and Porsche parties

The Red Carpet Soiree wasn't the only event that I've been to the last week or so - not by a long shot! Just before the whole F1 weekend kicked off I actually hosted an event for AXN to celebrate to milestone episode for CSI Miami and LOST.Essentially it was a fun BBQ/Piss up on the beach on Sentosa - and one of the easiest jobs I have ever had. I hadn't been at the location for 5 mins before I was handed a beer and just told to have fun with it. So I did.I have to admit I love live hosting, because I so rare...Read more

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E! Networks and AXN Red Carpet - The Start of the Madness

Alright y'all. It has been a truly awesomely exhaustingly supreme week of insanity. I've tried to go through the pics and pull out the best to show what I've been up to... it's not easy though. There's millions of them.So things got started off last week with the AXN/E! Networks Red Carpet Soiree to celebrate the new union between the two. Of course, me being part of the AXN stable I got an invite for me and my group - and what an invite... it was a great party.This was the night t...Read more

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Coming soon.... 8 million photos from 8 million events

they're coming... it's going to be a marathon blogging session

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All Play And No Work Makes Oli a Dull Boy

HI there y'all, So it's been all quiet on the western front from me recently. To be honest it's to do with the fact that one of my shows, Sony Style, has just wrapped it's 3rd season. So for the rest of the year I am left bouncing around, not doing much.Sure, I have some events here and there, and next month I head to the Chinese beach resort Sanya to help host the Elite Model Look World Finals... but I'm just not as busy as when producing 24 episodes of a weekly show. It all goes so FAST!The resp...Read more

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Zurina Bryant Photography - Test Shoot

Just today I picked up a CD from a test shoot I did a week or so ago. Usually with a test, you'd end up with maybe 4 good, usable pics. I ended up with 32!I have wangled it down to about 16... I added the album just now... I need some help selecting the final images... feel free to leave comments!here's a couple of pics:-Read more

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Thank you AXN

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lICgFcY6Wks Thank you AXN

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ePAD compilation

A short compilation from ePAD on Max.... irreverence at it's best Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKTu2crYXa0

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More of the Oli Life...

Wassup my lurvely people! I've been through the wringer recently, so haven't got around to uploading anything for a while. I found a couple of pics that I hadn't put up.I've been off in Thailand for a while on holiday... the sum total of which added up to my wife tripping and losing a big toenail, busting my knee all kinds of badly and screwing my back so badly that I was stuck on the floor for 4 1/2 hours until a doc could come and inject sweet sweet relief.... into my butt. So yeah... life is kinda a wee-bit sucky......Read more

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