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Wassup my lurvely people! I've been through the wringer recently, so haven't got around to uploading anything for a while. I found a couple of pics that I hadn't put up.I've been off in Thailand for a while on holiday... the sum total of which added up to my wife tripping and losing a big toenail, busting my knee all kinds of badly and screwing my back so badly that I was stuck on the floor for 4 1/2 hours until a doc could come and inject sweet sweet relief.... into my butt. So yeah... life is kinda a wee-bit sucky... but only a wee bit. My job is still funky fun.The other day I was interviewing an awesome fella Henri, the creative GENIUS behind the fantastic Zorab jewelry line. There was an event the same night, so I just had to call my Mrs and get her down to try on some serious BLING... because she does make tip-top jewelry look even better.Here is Linda with Henriand her looking smashing in some more awesomenessThen up the next day was a monster Sony Ericsson event which was launching a whole new line of cool phones which I got to play with..... and yes..... there were some lovely ladies who were kind enough to be the butt of some jokes.The phones were pretty cool to get ahold of... one of the cooler bits being the games you play by putting the phone down and waving your arms around like a big plank. As we all know, I'm already a complete numpty... so it worked quite well for me.Of course I was there working with our big camera crewbut it was also an AXN event so some familiar faces were bouncing aroundOOh, we match.There was also a new face - Japan's superstar magician Cyril who I had the pleasure of meeting the next day for an interview/mind blowing session.This boy is cool fun, I had a great time chatting to him... and then he worked me over with a simple trick that I just couldn't figure out... He's gonna have his own series of specials coming up on AXN later on... so keep an eye out![](/attachments/2009/07/10/21/373398_200907102142517.thumb.jpg)If any of you are David Mamet fans (I am), you may recognise him from REDBELT - a cool movie last year... But then again, I'm an encyclopedic movie nerd.okay peeps... i be seein' you later. When I can stand without groaning

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