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A couple of events and a STILL broken bone

Hey there guys. I know it's been all quiet on here for a little while. But that's mostly because it's been really quiet over here for a while! Since my broken foot there really hasn't been a lot going on in Oli-land as I have been sitting around getting fat resting my foot in the hope that it will heal... which it is doing nicely. I even finally managed to get onto the elliptical machine today and FINALLY do some bloody cardio work.Oh sweet sweet cardio, How I have missed thee. Say goodbye to the marshmallow thighs and the rapidly climbing body fat.... I can finally do some exercise without shooting pain.The last few months of the year were always going to be quiet for me... so the broken foot hasn't actually cost me any work or anything. I'm still giggling away on the Epad set for our weekly show on MAX, but other than that... I've been going to an event here and there.There was the opening of the Bally store in ION Orchard, which was an amusingly decadent affair and my first public displaying of my cripply-goodness... limping all over the event on crutches with a gigantic boot on. Though, after a couple of champagnes (bottles probably) it felt much better.We got some of 'the Collective' group to come down with us... and we had a lot of fun working the room seeing everyone Then almost right after that we also had the ROAUL spring/summer preview to go to. That event was so much fun! There was candy-floss, ice cream, chocolates and all sorts of fun fair goodies to be munched on. It went over well with the girls!RAOUL put on a really nice collection... the girls were drooling (at the clothes, not the models)Next up is a photo that is just plain awesome. I was walking through Giant with the Mrs when we spotted these:-I sure it's SUPPOSED to be saniTARY briefs. But hey, who cares. This way is much funnier, because lets be honest.... nobody wants insanity briefsOn the Epad set the other day we were shooting the Xmas episode. So the crew raided the secret HBO Christmas closet... and all sorts of goodies came out. So they decided to decorate the set a little bit.Here you can see my director getting a bit confused by the tree-skirt.... but he looks so pretty now he doesn't care.We also found a Santa suit. So guess what happenedYep.. Oli/Santa (check out the broken left foot)I then remembered that my buddy Brad lives in the building behind the studio. So I thought it would be fun to suddenly have another Santa randomly turn up in the studio. So a quick phone call later. Brad turned up.Brad's a power lifter... so SLIGHTLY bigger than me. Which became entertaining when it came time to put on the suitThat's not a belt.... that's Duct Tape. AWWWW YEAAHHHH. As you can see... we work very had on Epad... and never mess around for no reason. Yeah, right.Up next was another very entertaining night with my buddy Rico who was the producer/magic consultant on 'Cyril: Simply Magic' which I made an appearance on. Rico and I hit it off immediately, and I'm always trying to get him out for a pint or 10.Fortunately ADIDAS hosted a party for JUICE magazine's birthday at ZOUK. So we all went along.Roz, who also guested on the show also showed up... and wasn't a fan of the appletini as you can see. I almost didn't get in because ZOUK doesn't like crutches. After 10 minutes of assuring them I wasn't a terrorist they finally let me in.... with ONE. I had the coat-check the other one. LAME. As the evening wore on, I became very proud of my solo-blinged out crutchMMMM... That's a pretty picture.Our last event of the month was for Skin Inc's 2nd birthday. It's kinda like a Skin treatment bar... pretty cool idea actually. So of course, the girls descended en-masse to have a sneak peak and get a treatment.I went along too... because, well, lots of pretty girls went.Anyhoo... here is a sneak peak at our Xmas tree which we just put up... right in front of my beloved DVD collection.Happy holidays everyone. Even though it's Dec 4th.... in Singapore the decorations have been up for months already. Crazy town

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