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Lots of fun and a broken bone

Hey there peoples.. it's been a busy couple of weeks for me... work, more work, a holiday, and broken bone and some more work... I know I haven't been on in a few weeks, but I haven't been around... and for a long time I didn't even have access to the internet..It all got started off with hosting Carrie Underwoods press conference here in Singapore.She came in to perform live on Orchard Road in celebration of the opening of Orchard Ion... the ridiculous new mall (though don't say mall to the people that own it). They must have spent an absolute fortune to bring her in... but it was my pleasure to act as host to her here. It was my first press conference and it was a good laugh actually... I was allowed to have some fun, and even made a few jokes with and at Carrie... and she was really cool about it actually. I wish I could have got a few minutes with her... but she's a superstar surrounded by angry looking people who control every second of her life... She always looks so tall on TV... but she's actually a tad bit Hobbit like. But she had some awesome boots on with immense heelsSo that was fun.... that night our good buddy Marc Nelson came into town for an audition, so he came and stayed with us at the apartment which was a good laugh. We all got some time to talk about our new venture The Collective (www.thecollective-asia.com). It's a sort of co-op where all of us members help each other out. We're all really good friends anyway, so it's good fun at the same time. We'll see how it goesThe next morning I was off the airport on the way to San Ya in China - the beach resort. I was there to be the international host for the Elite Model Look World Finals 2009. Another great honour for me to be a part of. My Sony Style Stylist was the Choreographer, and he helped me get the job, so thank you RS Danny! It was a monster event and it took days to get put together once i got there... but the production crew had been there for a MONTH!!! They were so ready to leave by the end of it! Poor them.We stayed at a pretty nice hotel (5 star supposedly).... it had nice rooms, with a great viewBut i didn't spend all that much time there... I was on location rehearsing. It was one of the bigger venues I have ever hosted in. It was called the Beauty Crown... and it's where they had Miss World and Miss Earth too.There were 67 contestants who were all super tall, and super young. I have never felt so old as when I was sitting around chatting to a group of girls... and it took 2 of them to be the same age as me. Some were very sweet, and I did my best to give them advice and make them at ease - they were very nervous.The event was great... it went off awesomely and I had a great time doing it. There was a huge crowd, 8 cameras and no script... I had to make it up, something I do enjoy doingThere was some great music, including Cyril Niccolai from Paris, who spends a lot of time in Singapore - hope to see him soon.and there was last years winner and one of the judges Louise Maserlis - can you believe she is only 16!!! It's crazyAfter the event, we all piled into the buses for the after party by the pool till the early morning. I had an epic hangover the next day.... EPIC.We all partied hard... because we'd worked hard... and it was totally worth it. I love work like this.The day after I flew home... for 6 hours... and then I flew to Phuket with my family for a holiday. It was great.... I was meeting more family and even some university friends there... and THEN..... I broke my foot. sigh.Stupid Flip Flops..Never the less, I had a great time, and my foots okay. I may be on crutches, but this month is a quiet one, and I'll be up and around in no time at all.I put a pic of my cast up soonsee you guys soonOli

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such a great view!
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Hmmm... I'm working on Carrie Underwood's CMA and AMA show video walls right now... like literally... now.
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