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More AXN, Ferrari and Porsche parties

The Red Carpet Soiree wasn't the only event that I've been to the last week or so - not by a long shot! Just before the whole F1 weekend kicked off I actually hosted an event for AXN to celebrate to milestone episode for CSI Miami and LOST.Essentially it was a fun BBQ/Piss up on the beach on Sentosa - and one of the easiest jobs I have ever had. I hadn't been at the location for 5 mins before I was handed a beer and just told to have fun with it. So I did.I have to admit I love live hosting, because I so rarely stick to the script and just end up trying to make people laugh. The crowd was great fun, and we had some great prizes to give away.There was a group of DJs from Power 98 who were great fun to hang with... and we spent most of the night eating hot dogs and drinking beer.... it's a tough life![](/attachments/2009/09/30/11/373398_200909301117233.thumb.jpg)MMM yummy, a cake in the shape of a dead person..... nice.This photo is of the lovely Tanya - who joking gave me a hard time about winning her the Grand Prize of a trip to Phuket..... weirdly enough I pulled her name out the box... now that's weird. Also note the CSI hat... which had me the target of everyone at the event begging me for it.HELL NO! It's mine... ALL MINE!AFter the success of the launch of the Collective I talked about last time, we managed to wangle invites to all sorts of events...First up was the welcome event for the Porsche Carrera Cup drivers at Society Bar.. which was great fun. Marina from the PR agency had been one of the Best Dressed winners at the Red Carpet Soiree along with my wife... so we hung out with her and got to know her better while relieving the bar of wine and yummy mini hamburgers... mmmmmmmOnly 3 of us could make it that night... Linda, Sarah and me... but it was still great fun![](/attachments/2009/09/30/11/373398_2009093011172310.thumb.jpg)The next day was the first day of the Grand Prix (pics of that to come next time) and that evening I was supposed to go the Lambourghini party... but was just too tired, and saved my energy for the Ferrari party the next morning:-We snapped that pic on the way in.... by the end of the event there were about 30 more ferraris filling every space... it was NUTS.The event was to launch the new Ferrari California (pic below)which is a sexy car to say the least - almost as sexy as my lovely wife..... almostwell after a brunch of cakes and a bottle of champagne (it wasn't even 2pm) it was time for me to hit the Grand Prix again... and then I made an appearance at the official Formula One Lounge at Sterolab (no pics from there - sorry - I didn't stay long I was KNACKERED). Everyone else was watching Beyonce that night... all I saw was the Hobbit that is Bernie Eccleston (owner of Formula 1). He's like 3 feet tall. weird.Okay... up next I'll have a short blog and loads of pics from the GRAND PRIX... 3 days of AWESOME

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man, i should have stayed in Singapore another week. ;-)
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9 feet tall
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