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All Play And No Work Makes Oli a Dull Boy

HI there y'all, So it's been all quiet on the western front from me recently. To be honest it's to do with the fact that one of my shows, Sony Style, has just wrapped it's 3rd season. So for the rest of the year I am left bouncing around, not doing much.Sure, I have some events here and there, and next month I head to the Chinese beach resort Sanya to help host the Elite Model Look World Finals... but I'm just not as busy as when producing 24 episodes of a weekly show. It all goes so FAST!The response to the show has been great, and I have to thank all of you guys for supporting the show. I still have Epad on MAX going... So I am by no means disappearing from you screens... I've just got a lot more time to spend with the wife and son, which is great.Well the other night I was attending an event my wife was hosting. It was for the restaurant 'Bobby's' birthday, but also to raise awareness of a Breast Cancer fundraiser which is coming up soon, and which my wife will be taking part in.It was nice to get out, especially around a good cause too. A whole bunch of us went down:-Here is my wife Linda, Supermodel Thallyta, Mohini Sule (who works at HBO with Linda and me) and finally Sarah Davies - an Aussie who is a former TV host and Miss World contestant who just arrived in SIngapore and is looking to get into the industry.... so we're helping her out if we can.Here's me and the lovely Zurina Bryant, who shot all my latest shots for me... she was also covering the event - and is fast becoming a friend of the family.my lovely Mrs was hosting the event to help drum up some support... she did a great job... even though the Mic kept cutting out! Poor thing![](/attachments/2009/09/12/14/373398_200909121445197.thumb.jpg)But a good night was had by all... especially us boys![](/attachments/2009/09/12/14/373398_200909121445199.thumb.jpg)So while I continue at home, playing the crap out of Batman Arkham Asylum... I'll be thinking of you guys, and of interesting things to tell you about........ if I ever do anything!laters!

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Great picture!
over 13 years ago
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i didn't host it! andrew did! :P
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