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I have been performing with my friend Rick Lau for over 4 yrs now. And this is what went on 4 yrs ago today. Today we have a double hitter! Matinee and evening shows of "Songs For A New World". It's still not too late to come!

Get your tickets at www.urbtix.com

Today, July 23 matinee at 3:15pm and evening at 8:15pm And Tomorrow, July 24 matinee at 3:15pm and evening at 8:15pm

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Having a healthy breakfast to start the day and prepare for tonight's second performance of "Songs For a New World". Last night, we had a very good opening night and am so thankful and happy to be working with this team of artists. Can't wait till tonight! Thanks to everyone who has come to support us!!!

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My dear friend Eddie Villanueva and Christophe Blanc will be having a retreat soon! Come ck it out!

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Woke up to see this. We both know we've known each other even longer than that! Love you lady!

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Come see us in #songsforanewworld in #shatin #townhall in the #culturalactivitieshall on July 21-24 at 8:15pm and matinee shows on July 23-24 at 3:15pm

Get your tickets now at www.urbtix.com

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Setting up for our first rehearsal of #songsforanewworld at the #theatre in #shatin #townhall I can't believe there's only 3 more nights of sleep before #opening night!!!

If you haven't gotten your tickets yet! Get them now at www.urbtix.com

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I had a lot of fun with creating this routine! Thanks to Esther Gonzaga for giving me the inspiration and Sarah Shum for recording the video. I love dancing and creating these poleography's for my students. It is so rewarding to see my students grow with each new routine. I will miss you all the next few wks that I'm away! Work hard when I'm gone!

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What a beautiful Sunday morning! And another week for M.Y. MUSIC video. I'm really enjoying doing these videos because it forces me to sing more! Hope you enjoy! Have a lovely day!

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Missing my baby! Can't wait to see you in Aug Seth!!!

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It's already been a week and time to share another M.Y. MUSIC video with you all. This week I tried to learn a new song in Mandarin! Thinking of my friend Rick Lau since he usually sings for the original singer. I also used my new mic for the first time...so, it was a lot of work for me and new stuff to handle....but a very good learning process! Hope to improve each time!

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