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Day 3 of the #loveyourpolechallenge nominated by Natalie Merritt and Christy Yiuyiu

Here's a flashback pole photo of me in the first year that I was pole dancing and teaching. I have Ania Przeplasko to thank for bringing pole into my life and training me up to be one of the first instructors for Aerial Arts and Pure Fitness Official Page

Which brings me to this...it's also about the attitude you put into your routine that can make you stand out in competition or in performance. If you're only about tricks and your face and body language has no feeling...well..then you have a long way to go!

I hope that my students will learn this from me. And, I'd like to nominate 2 more students. Sarah Shum and Yvonne Hung to complete this challenge. You must post for 7 days and nominate 2 people each day.

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