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I can't believe how fast 2015 has flown by.  There are only 2 months left before the start of another new year!  And, it has definitely been an amazing year of challenging myself with the 2 one "wo"man shows that I put on already this year.  But, the performance bug in me didn't stop there because I am now in the process of rehearsing for one last show to end 2015.  I wanted to keep my next show a little more simple and focus more on the music.  No need for the added dance and storytelling....just some songs that I love.  So, this time my show "Marsha YuanYang Music" is based on 3 different musical styles/genres.  Musical Theatre, Acoustic Pop, and Jazz/Blues. These are basically the styles that have inspired and influenced me over the past few years.  And, I am so excited to be performing for the first time at Orange Peel in LKF, HK.  I checked this venue out a few wks back and decided on that day that I'd love to put on one last show before the end of the  year.  So, here I am today preparing for just that!  So....pls don't miss out on it!  And, help support my show by buying your ticket and blessing me with your presence!  There's only one show on Sat, Nov 7, 2015 at 9pm!  Pls also help me spread the news because every ticket sale makes a difference!!!  Thanks everyone!!!

我不能相信2015年这么快就要过去了,还剩下二个月新的一年即将来临,对于我来说这一年已经是很不可思议了,在过了的大半年里,我曾挑战了自己,自编自导自演的完成了两个个人秀,但还是不能满足我演出的欲望,所以我正在积极排练着另一个新全新的秀,准备在这个年度结束之前献给大家。在这一个秀里,我将会比较简单的,或许不会掺夹舞蹈和故事,而是集中演唱我喜爱的歌曲上,所以这回我的秀命名为“原子鏸的音乐”,主要在三大类型的音乐,那就是:音乐剧的,流行的,以及爵士音乐,这些音乐都是直接影响到这些年我的成长,同时这也是我第一次在兰桂坊的Orange Peel 演出。几个星期前,我去看了这个场地,立刻就决定在这里我要做我今年度最后一场秀,现在我正在全身投入在准备这次演出,请千万不要错过,在这儿我期待着各位的支持和捧场,只有一个晚上的秀,那就是11月7日星期六晚上九点,同时也请大家能把这个消息告诉大家,每一张票子,每一个观众对我来说都是很重要的。在这里我先谢谢大家的支持!

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