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Reiki at the Elf F. Fair - second installment

As promised, the before were by far not all pictures... and trying to make promised things happen, here's a whole load of magical creatures more.

We were very lucky with the weather. There was sun but it wasn't too warm and seeing some costumes, I can only imagine how happy those people must have been. We at the Reiki stand weren't that pleased with the constant gales as they kept blowing our pictures and cards off the table, but we couldn't complain.


Anyway, so the festival grounds were divided into various different 'streets' and sections as to give people a chance to find their way about. There was the walk of fame, Manga thingie, whitches what-not and various other names I haven't the heart to try and remember. There were people selling all kinds of different things, foods, drinks and a jolly good mood altogether.

I caught a glimps of James Marsters (the guy who played the awesome character of Spike in the series 'Buffy, the vampire slayer') surrounded by hordes of fans screaming for his attention. I'd have loved to talk with him, but in the circomstances, we only kinda exchanged a glance and a grin, if even that. It could have been for an entirely other reason that the poor man desperately grinned ;)

Still, Pedro did get to talk to him and I'm hoping I might get the chance in the future, with less squeeling fans around. (Really, actors have my respect. I wouldn't mind fans. As long as I don't know they're around. Give me a sceaming, squeeling mob and there will be blood... cowers in fear)

Also there were people showing the old crafts; blacksmiths, metalworkers, fortunetellers... People were introduced to LARPing all around, middle age fighting skills (like wrestling, swordfighting and such) were interactively brought to the fans. It would have been really hard to get bored with all that going on, but in the end, that only came in second place. Maybe it's me, but I think people go there to watch other people... or to be watched. Which gives to very funny and awkward moments at times... More of this later ;)

There was also a guy with all kinds of different hunting birds. I like predator birds.

I like cats too, but that aside. Shows the contradiction that is me lol

Here for the fans, the only other picture I have of the girl with the golden wings

There were also a great deal of people like this one:

all of them (one of their main features really) was a puppet on their arm. I have no idea what it's from, but I like the image it gives. Human dolls. How far would you go... How far can you go? I have no doubt I've misinterpreted this entirely and am, if anything, miles beside the point, but I can't say I care ;)

A great many goths also. There's a lot to be said about gothic clothing and make-up. It's imprectical. I have little doubt that its HOT. (Black tends to have that effect)

It takes ages! to get into the clothes, the make-up is ... very dramatic and takes heaps of skill I do not posses to put on.

I love it.

 This young lady was the one to leave the biggest impression on me. I adored how she looked and it actually made me sad that not many people would care to cross the street that way. I think we need to break out of the box instead of going back to the horrid seventies...

Please save me from the seventies.

But here she is:

and in close up

How can you not love that look. Granted, I have a thing for lenses too which you'll notice further on in the pictures ;)

By this time, it was close to the time Reiki was going to be in some or another 'Hall' where Pedro would show the trailer and tell a bit about the movie, Cela and Vincent backing him up, me safely hidden in the unfortunately not that big a crowd, cheering madly and Annelien, poor girl, guarding the stand.

Near the stand, these two were taunting me, so I took a picture

Before entering, Vincent put on the long black  coat he'd been wearing in Reiki the movie. Unfortunately there were a few seizes and apperently we only took the small ones... here's Vincent trying to catch his breath as the coat was closed.

If you didn't quite see... it's not easy.

Having saved the poor man form an untimely demidµse, we ventured inside to bravely face our ... well, as we're into dramatics at this point, allow me; so we ventured forward into the doom of the unkown!

At least, for three of us. Pedro had already been there to set up. lol.

So we showed the trailer and taking the stage, Pedro changed from cool to cutely shy...

I'm not sure whether he did this to soften the hearts of the crowd, I only know that it made me smile and shake my head. So having recovered from his initial shyness he called Cela and Vincent to the stage to tell a bit about the movie and how they'd experienced/ survived it.

Cela of course wasn't shy, Vincent just a bit. lol

After we wrapped our recount of the shoot, came some great people making a tolkien fan film whom we'd already met earlier that day.

'Born of Hope' tells the story of Aragorn's parents and it looks like it's going to be one great movie, unfortunately they don't have the rights, so the movie will never make it to DVD but will be made available for download.

These are awesome people and very motivated (they have been working on this project for over a year now) and I can but salute them for their undying loyalty to the project.

The lady in the middle is the director/ writer Kate Madison, on her left is Christopher Dane (Arathorn in the movie) and on her right is Danny George playing one of the story's original characters.

They are each of them great people and it was a pleasure meeting them.

for those of you who want to know more, go show your support at


Fans didn't let them escape so I snuck in another few shots when they were outside the dark tent

and really, in the trailer he looks SO much like Aragorn I'm wondering if he and Viggo aren't at all related ;)

so after all this we went back outside to poor Annelien who'd been there alone for over an hour. I kinda did feel guilty. Not having sent Pedro out to relieve her I mean lol

And back to the festival and all the fallen angels... no, but really, so many people with wings. It was quite impressive. Also funny to see how they tried to carefully maneuver through the crowd and not have people bump into the wings.

Angel resting.

and, as I left for another tour of the fair, suddenly... Geishas! (I think)

Painted lady

and yes, even zombies have the right to sit down, relax and eat ;)

as do little girls

I must say, to go back to the wanting to be watched, some people seem utterly unawares of their aura in a crowd and lost in thought, that's what makes them stand out.

I prefer taking pictures when people don't know about it. If you've ever tried it, you know how much a person changes the second they realise it. Though some, like this lady, have a smile that makes up for being noticed

And here we come to the strangest ... thing... I came across that day. I mean really.


No. Really.

What? hints? Anyone?

Another sneak attack; take pictures when people are posing for another photographer

It tends to give a bit more depth as they're not minding you as much as they'd normally do, and you can sneak into the unguarded moments.

cool lenses! ;)

Or when they are totally unaware of a camera...

caught some people sleeping on the job! lol

One of the stands sold puppets, very nice ones

and that's where I met this former king, took one pic and ran

Now the funny thing at these kinds of festivals where everyone comes to see and be seen is that when you aim to take a picture (and I did that a lot) and you have a bit af a tele lens (which I had) there's always at least three people taking a pose the second they see you and three more who kindly make way for the posers(which, yes, happened a lot). It gives for some funny moments because with the close lens, half of the time, I missed the people in a pose and swung away from them following one of the ones who moved aside. Obviously I made up with making pictures of the posers but the moment of realisation and the hint of embaressment and dissapointment was often quite amusing none the less.

Here are some posers for you ;)

And some people I surprised lol


Annelien and Pedro again! Relaxing next to the stand ;)

Ivy girls eating icecream

and not even the dogs are left out!

ok, this for the longest post ever. Soon will be the last installment (a MUCH shorter one), but for tonight I'm leaving it at this before I either scare or bore you way!

Have a great weekend!

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Photo 23537
What a fantasy land ! Powerful visual & Nice photographs ! everybody looks so nice !
about 15 years ago
Photo 99631
You make me want to go there. Is it an annual event? The gothic girl with the umbrella is my favorite photo!
about 15 years ago
Photo 63849
about 15 years ago
Photo 63849
shame you cant seem to get all these awesome lenses here in hk - love her red eyes where is this?
about 15 years ago
Photo 45002
in the netherlands shann! :-) and yes it's an annual event! :-)
about 15 years ago
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woah, thats pretty freaky!
about 15 years ago
I am choking.
about 15 years ago
Photo 45507
war craft style.......haha....... pretty cool......
about 15 years ago
Photo 73139
You're right, she is gorgeous! =)
about 15 years ago
38935462 1233427286799200 7641701711072985088 n
Wow~~~What a great look!!!Luv this~~ Very inspirated Festival!!!I hope I can be there!!!
about 15 years ago


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