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regram @turidrenske Last week of second trimester. If the stories are true, I had better enjoy the hell out of it because as of next week I'll be feeling and moving like a beached whale #6months #pregnancy

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Turid is like a turtle. She needs to be flipped over.

regram @turidrenske On the floor. That's how you get to spend the morning if the baby decides today is a good day for a pinched nerve in your back. Thanks! Can someone bring me some 🍪 and 🍰?? #pregnancy #onthefloor

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And a last one. #Clerks #27

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And found The Death of #Superman in my old stuff. What a great #comic! #dccomics

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Found one of my favorite comics back. #JTHM who read it?

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so here goes nothing, but I am trying to adapt a manga into a movie. Now problem is, all the websites, publishers, artists have everything in Japanese. There isn't even an English section.

I have check Shueisha, they have one page in English but put on their website that English queries will not be answered.

So, is it impossible to try to touch ball with Japanse folks while speaking English? And will I have to find someone that speaks Japanese?

thanks a lot,



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So this is how The Hulk feels on a daily basis.. Or Terry Crews. #ikea

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Drove 80084 km before hitting this glorious number. And yes, it was worth it. #car #80085

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Happy Back to the Future year. Wishing you all hoverboards, Nikes' and Jaws 3D for #2015

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Purple #Brussels #sprouts. What a time to be alive. #food

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