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Music Video "Rango"

Check out this funny music video I made for the UK band Catfish and The Bottlemen.

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It's been a while.

It's been a long, long time since I last posted on AnD.  What's up all and what's new on AnD?

You know when you realize you haven't posted for a very long time? When your profile picture doesn't look anymore like the you now. Anyway, I'm back for now. At least I'll try to post a few more stuff!Peace out!And here is a little lyric video I did for a British singer:Video:

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Help us make the next music video for the Dutch indie band Duncan Idaho!

Our Story

After the success of the no-budget music video we made for Duncan Idaho, which you can see here, we are about to make a new one but this time with a little more budget. And thus we decided to try the crowdfunding solution. The first music video got screened on MTV Netherlands and BNN 101 TV, it also won the Make-A-Star Music video competition and got second place for the Sportlife MTV Music Video Competition.Duncan Idaho's first single of the new album is called "io" and will be released together with the music video in December 2011.So we decided to start an indiegogo campaign, all the help is welcome and if you could share this link it would be amazing a lot,Pedro

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It's been a while!

Hi AnD, how is it going? It's been a while since my last post.I'll post more stuff and more in detail the coming days but for now, I'm posting you guys my last music video I did for an Dutch Band Duncan Idaho.It was shot on Canon 7D, won the Makeastar competition, screened on MTV Netherlands and 101 TV.Enjoy the video and drop a message with comments if you like it!Love!And happy to be back.Video:

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Cannes 2010 who's coming?

Hey guys,


Cannes is approaching!


Who is going? Would be awesome to see some AnD faces in Cannes!


Tell me what!



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Dilema, dilema,

just received an invitation for the Filmart in HK.

Now what to do? Go or not go?

Anyone knows a cheap way to fly to HK? A cheap company?

That would be great!


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Dream Journey Studios acquired a new producer


Yeah! Ring the bells,

Dream Journey Studios acquired a new producer and isn't she a charm?

Miss Turid Hoekstra is DJS new producer for all upcoming projects,

now she just needs to have her own AnD page!

Just give her a proper welcome here and convince her to create her own account!







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Happy New Year! And Reiki.


Hi all,

first of all let me all wish you a happy new year!

It feels like an eternaty since I was here! But had alot of work, no time at all to connect and life was a little a chaos!


2010 started in a good note!

And I want to thank all of you for the great wishes!

And I wish you all an happy new year!


Now, as for Reiki The Movie, the low-budget Belgian film I did.

The DVD release will be in February-March!

So Diana, Patrick, and all of you producers/helpers will get a copy!

In the meanwhile,

I stumbled across a rip of Reiki on the internet!

Yes! Not kidding at all! And you know what? I find it amusing!

the rapidshare links:


And I just thought: why not share this to the AnD community! Although don't forget! If you like the movie, buy it when it's released! Cuz there will be a lot of special features, including a comic by Reni Wong.

Now also, don't forget this is a low-budget flick shot for 6000 euros, so don't expect an Avatar here!

Although funny story, I did a 3D version of Reiki in post, just to play with it, and the movie looks way better in 3D, so I'm thinking of adding the 3D version on the dvd too. What do you guys think?


And one more thing: if you watch the movie, post a rating or review on imdb! That would help us out a lot!!!!




And I'm back baby!




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Today is the Reiki Premiere!

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New Trailer of Reiki The Movie and news

Howdy guys,


here is the new trailer of Reiki, in HD on youtube. So open up the youtube page.



Also as said below, we are giving free tickets for the premiere of Reiki to AnD peeps.


So drop a message if you are interested.



And we passed the 1000 fans on facebook, but keep it coming! The struggle is far from over, so help us gather as many fans as possible.






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