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Pedro Chaves

Why do all baby clothes have a "keep away from fire" tag? Is that something that needs to be implied? I mean are there parents out there putting their babies one feet from the local bonfire? Or is it just to remember bad parents that their baby is combustible? #babyclothes #baby #keepawayfromfire

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Seriously @ikea fire your designer. #ikea #baddesignerbad

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Mystery solved: If you see #goldandwhite you are using your right brain, and if you see #blackandblue the you are using your left brain. #thedress

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regram @turidrenske People are beginning to stare. For the record: "almost now, huh?" is not a polite thing to ask... I still have two months to go ;-) Can't decide whether I feel more like a beached whale or a turtle flipped on its back #pregnancy #7months

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I love this new #pratchett #book #collection.

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crepes #sunday #youknowwhatsup

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Ballet #donquichot #vlaamseopera #gent

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Original #transformers from the 80's. #megatron #toys

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Making #poffertjes with @turidrenske #nomnomnom #food

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Pedro Chaves

Director , Screenwriter

Favorite Books "The Vampire Chronicles" from Anne Rice, "The Discworld Chronicles" from Terry Pratchett, Some Stephen King books,
Gender male
Favorite Movies A Hero Never Dies, Shawnshank Redemption, Chasing Amy, Infernal Affairs
City Other Belgium

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