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Pedro Chaves

Getting some food and sweets at #villaaugustus.

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While waiting to pick up my food at the #baanthai, listening to the songs of Marc Van Renne aka Amazing Bear. #country #gent #gf15 #gentsefeesten

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regram @textsfromyourex SHIA IS THERE FOR YOU

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Found some old #screenplays I wrote in French back I the day. It's always funny to read old stuff back.

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What a big pepper mill. Wait lets flip it.. LIES!!!! LIIIIIEEEEEES!!!!!! #gent #ghent #painquotidien

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4 cheese and bacon #crepe. Oh #netherlands I love you so. #food #lightmeal #pannekoek #healthy?

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Mabel doesn't care about the heat. Mabel likes the heat. She literally sleeps like a baby. #moreheatformabel #baby #sollybabywrap

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I hate biking. But walking in this heat takes to long. Google's a solution and found this. The skates that tell cobblestones to fuck off. I. Need. This.

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Aaaah, Ghent.... This is a philosophical dilemma: Who was there first, the sex shop or the Jesus power? #gent #ghent #sex #street #fun

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Today was my Tutti 30th birthday. There were gifts (lotsa them), flowers (peonies, peonies everywhere), a heat wave (that we survived, with an 8 week old baby (beat that parenthood)) and cake. Which now that I think about it, I realize we haven't eaten yet... TO THE FRIDGE. #big30

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