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Pedro Chaves

Morning walk. #gent #ghent #nofilter

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There's a dude riding a #dragon through #ghent. Why? Cuz he can. #car #gent #sunday

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There's a new book from the #vampirechronicles !? I know what I'm reading the coming days. #lestat #annerice

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Last Friday, our probably last date for quite some time. #gent

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regram @turidrenske Yes. I'm surprised that I'm not tipping over, too. People now looking at me like they're afraid I will deliver right there and then. Pinky promise I won't #pregnancy #36weeks #bump

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Bought this fruit at the #markthal #rotterdam. Forgot its name. Does anyone know? #fruit

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regram @turidrenske I thought I was supposed to be binge-eating chocolate and cakes. Instead @rpedro82 is acting like a pregnant lady. He is eating the Bijenkorf brownie cake (the entire brownie cake 🎂, not the brownie) right out of the box. Pretty sure this thing is supposed to serve 6. What a proud moment #rotterdam #bijenkorf #brownie

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What a time to be alive. #oreo #icecream

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This is what I had for #breakfast. I regret nothing. #cake #breakfastclubfistintheair

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Remember bouncing balls? Found one today. Bounced it a few times against the wall. It's addictive as hell, I cannot stop anymore. God help us all. #bouncingball #spongebob

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Pedro Chaves

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