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Pedro Chaves

I hate biking. But walking in this heat takes to long. Google's a solution and found this. The skates that tell cobblestones to fuck off. I. Need. This.

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Aaaah, Ghent.... This is a philosophical dilemma: Who was there first, the sex shop or the Jesus power? #gent #ghent #sex #street #fun

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Today was my Tutti 30th birthday. There were gifts (lotsa them), flowers (peonies, peonies everywhere), a heat wave (that we survived, with an 8 week old baby (beat that parenthood)) and cake. Which now that I think about it, I realize we haven't eaten yet... TO THE FRIDGE. #big30

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She always sticks her tiny cla-.. I mean hand, out of the #sollybaby #baby

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Finally the last #pratchett and #baxter #scifi book. Happy, happy, happy. #thelongutopia

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Mabel is recuperating from a crazy #party with "A Very Hungry Caterpillar". #baby

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First father's day breakfast/gifts I bed. @turidrenske tells me Mabel did it all by herself.

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1kg ramboutans gekocht bij #markthal #rotterdam en mangonsteen. Kom thuisen zie dat ze bijna allemaal bedorven zijn. Ik raad iedereen aan om hun fruit te controleren nadat ze die in een zak doen. Echt ontgoocheld. @indemarkthal

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Mabel's first big trip. #blijdorp #rotterdam #baby

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regram @turidrenske We are both enjoying a refreshing drink. Trying to beat the heat. Nursing cover doubles as a sun cover #breastfeeding #ghent

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