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These lines.

Donald Kaufman: Anyway, listen, I meant to ask you, I need a cool way to kill people. Don't worry, for my script.

Charlie Kaufman: I don't write that kind of stuff.

Donald Kaufman: Oh, come on, man, please? You're the genius.

Charlie Kaufman: Here you go. The killer's a literature professor. He cuts off little chunks from his victims' bodies until they die. He calls himself "the deconstructionist".


Love the lines.:)

Also am on medical, my old injury on my legs again. :( However just saw Little MIss Sunshine, love it. Good scripts send tingles down my spine. A little grumpy because of the swelling. I feel like the elephant woman.

Just got onto Twitter. No clue what's going on. twit twit.

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Odd conversation betwen Donald & Charlie :p Oh my Lydia, you seriously caved & joined Twitter? AnD's MUCH better :)
over 11 years ago
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correct terminology is tweet tweet babes ...
over 11 years ago
stay off ur trotters/feet...;P
over 11 years ago
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Just don't get twitter-pated ;)
over 11 years ago
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Charlie Kaufman: "To begin... To begin... How to start? I'm hungry. I should get coffee. Coffee would help me think. Maybe I should write something first, then reward myself with coffee. Coffee and a muffin. Okay, so I need to establish the themes. Maybe a banana-nut. That's a good muffin."
over 11 years ago


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