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HK whirlwind trip

I just got back from a quick trip to HK.

My main reason was to take part in a award celebration for the Regal airport hotel.

They just got voted as the best airport hotel in the world! Kudos to the Hongkies!

I got a taste of why they earned that prize!

As soon as the plane landed somebody from the hotel escorted me from the plane and guided me through immigration etc. I was very impressed with this guy, because he saw my pics on this blog and he was still able to recognize me underneath my big cap and witho...Read more

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Art performance by Andrew Lin & Li Zan

Here is a bunch of pictures from the Racks event with Andrew Lin & Li Zan!!

Me with Xiao Ting Pan aka China's Queen of Nine Ball

Give Min a drink and a cue stick and he's happy!

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I normally never play pool, but I played billiard the other day with the female champion of Nine Ball in China, Xiao Ting Pan! Her ranking is 3rd in the Women's World 9-ball. We can be proud of this young Chinese beauty!

When I go out with friends to Racks for example, I just watch my friends play and cheer for them. This time I got a lot of tips from the talented Xiao Ting and I will be more keen on playing billiard, yesss!

Here are some mobile phone pics:

She practices every day at her dad's billiard hall.

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I'm such a huge fan of the Pixar movies!

Finding Nemo was my number one untill WALL•E came out!

It's a love story between two cute robots.WALL•E looks like the robot version of E.T.

It's amazing how they were able to give the robots all these human like emotions.

Eve for example, just a change in the light in her eyes and she has a totally different emotion.

WALL•E stands for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class. While all the humans have fled to space after the Earth got polluted too...Read more

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Shanghai fun!

It's always so much fun when friends visit us in Shanghai!

Am getting in a certain routine when taking them around.

It's always some touristy places like Yuyuan gardens and the Bund etc. Then there is the local food part!

Here are some more photos from David's visit to Shanghai:

Meiluocheng in Xujiahui

karao...Read more

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Happy Mid-Autumn festival!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

I just got back from a quick trip to HK and I had lots and lots of moon cakes!

My brother finally sent me his bunch of pictures from his holiday in China. I miss him sooo much! Come back soon Henchie!

An amusement park in Wenzhou

Passing by in SUPER SPEED!

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The simple life

Friends of my mom invited us to check out some famous stone carvings in this little suburb.

A typhoon hit Wenzhou right after we arrived in the suburb. We were only meant to stay for one night, but we've been here for three nights already. I can't wait to go back to the city, there's not much to do around here as it has been raining every day. My brother is getting crazy of boredom.

On the first day we went into the mountains to eat and swim

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My Henchman and I

This is my brother Hench!

It's the first time for my brother Hench and I to hang together in Asia! I flew to HK to welcome my mom and Hench. It was the first time for him to go to HK after 13 years! Hench and a friend of his who happened to be visiting his sister as well in Mongkok


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Recording with BLACK BOX

These past two days I got to work for the first time with Black Box in the studio.

The first day was pretty tiring. It was a long day and I was constantly trying to figure out producer Pierre's cryptic instructions. I was happy though to find out that he's a perfectionist like me, but I'm sure that if he had a whip, he would gladly use it! The second day was much easier as I figured out how to interpret his unique language and we managed to finish two duets with the su...Read more

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Long time no blog

Hey everybody!

It's great to see that AnD is doing so well!!!

I haven't blogged in a while, so here's a quick one!

I went to a birthday party the other day. The birthday boy was Joshua's dad, Elijah Widjaja.

Joshua, Deborah, Jehnny, Elijah and Yue-Sai

3 Spanish guitarists and two opera singers provided the entertainment.

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